JioSaavn launches a new digital audio playbook


South Asia’s largest digital audio streaming service, JioSaavn, recently launches ‘Predictions To Light Up Festive 2020’, a digital audio playbook that can help marketers make the most of the upcoming celebrations. The playbook will be analyzing streaming trends from 2019 festivities and 2020 year, so as to predict consumer behavior in this festive season. It’ll even be guiding marketers to make the most of digital audio by reaching out to JioSaavn’s highly engaged 100 million+ user base.

Digital audio offers an opportunity to know how listeners listen to audio, what they’re feeling, how they need to feel, and what they’re doing, as a medium of advertising. JioSaavn has shared some key insights, tips, and predictions for brands to adapt their strategies for maximum impact with the new playbook. Consumers are ready to unwind and celebrate, even though the festive season looks different in 2020. This implies e-gifting, festive cooking, playlist dedications, and DIY home decor will make a mark this season.

The popular streaming service saw vernacular voices rise in popularity, plus an unprecedented 21% increase in Hindi language streams. This is indicating that via culturally diverse traditions, listeners across the country are celebrating as one with the music of their taste. JioSaavn is of course a promising space for brands. The platform is enabling marketers to focus on consumers at scale to narrate their brand story in the format that works best – audio, display, or content. The festive season translates into a hunt for the next big fashion trend, the next big meal, and the next big deal for the listeners as well.

The new age of consumer interaction is upon here, which is e-sharing. As per the report, personalized playlists, birthday cheers, and tunes saw upwards of 11.8 million shares on JioSaavn, in 2020 alone. This is presenting an opportunity for brands to jump on the streaming service to capitalize on the new-age means to share love and cheer.

In their latest playbook, JioSaavn also offers tips about how marketers can get started. There are many opportunities on the platform for brands such as from localizing audio narratives to ingesting handy tips during festive moments to brighten up celebrations, there are many opportunities for brands on the platform.


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