JK Cement spreading lights in 1.2 million life


Diwali is one of the most eagerly anticipated and celebrated Indian celebrations. The five-day festival is also known as Deepavali or Festival of Lights. At dusk, festival-goers over the world light up their homes with sparkling diyas (small oil lamps) and unite with family and friends for a typical feast.

The fun starts late in the evening for Indians, when entire streets come to the streets to light up the sky with colourful fireworks. Teens and adults prefer to fire up larger illuminations, while younger enthusiasts prefer sparklers. The amazing show will go on until all of the firecrackers have gone off.

JK Super Cement installed 160 solar-powered lights in various villages across India, affecting over 12 lakh people and providing light to a million people. With its Diwali campaign, Kare Har Raah Roshan #LightOfHappiness, JK Super Cement has ushered in the festivities by lighting up streets and market area throughout eight Indian states.

 Due to lack of proper lighting, the cement producer found dark alleys and bylanes throughout communities where passers-by find it difficult or dangerous to cross the streets. These lights were established in certain regions by the corporation, preventing traffic accidents and other hazards.

 The organisation has always been at the forefront of holistically enhancing the areas it serves, using environmentally responsible, cost-effective, and long-term solutions. Through a variety of social, charity, healthcare, and educational efforts, the brand has been tackling genuine issues that touch people.

They have always strived to have our campaigns resonate with our brand’s value statement. The Kare Har Raah Roshan initiative is continuing to address a critical need by providing more convenience and safer infrastructure. As per Pushp Raj Singh, President Marketing, Grey Cement Business, JK Cement Ltd.

JK Super Cement set a record earlier this year when it built 251 ramps in various government schools in the Jaipur region of Rajasthan in a single day.

To commemorate the occasion, the cement manufacturer has published a heart-warming two-minute film titled #LightOfHappiness on their social media accounts.

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