JustMyRoots to start same-day intercity delivery


With another clever idea, JustMyRoots has turned into India’s first food conveyance brand to initiate intercity conveyance of perishable food things, in 13 hours or less. Spearheading with intercity conveyance of perishable food, JustMyRoots has prepared for other industry players to follow.

In the pilot stage, clients from Delhi and Mumbai will want to arrange their favorite food select dishes from select cafés on the JustMyRoots application from across Kolkata, Pune, Indore, Amritsar, Jaipur, Agra, Lucknow, Mumbai, and Delhi.

With a powerful store network and inventive bundling at the foundation of the idea, JustMyRoots will guarantee conveyance of newly prepared food in somewhere around 13 hours (request set at breakfast by 8 am from any of the 8 areas referenced will be conveyed before sun-down, 9:00 pm). Clients just need to sign in and look over accessible choices to get their favorite dish conveyed to their doorstep in something like a day across urban areas.

On the event, Samiran Sengupta, President, and Fellow benefactor, JustMyRoots, said, “Our target at JustMyRoots has been to convey joy as the most loved food of our clients from the nation over, without limiting food conveyance inside any topographical limits. Intercity conveyance of transitory food inside a 13-hour window is one more advance in guaranteeing that clients don’t restrict themselves with regards to requesting food from their favorite spot across any piece of the country”.

The highway transient food conveyance administration utilizes a bundling answer to keep the food chilled and new without any additives, so food is kept up with between 5 to 8 degrees Centigrade.

JustMyRoots.com likewise vows to convey home-prepared food from a mother’s kitchen to her youngster in any city or state across India.

Samiran Sengupta, Chief and organizer, JustMyRoots.com, says, “With JustMyRoots.com you are never away from either your favorite restaurant or your nostalgic dish cooked by your mother, we have culminated the craft of highway transient food conveyance without adding additives or freezing the food.” The interest in online food applications is expanding, says Sengupta, as more often than not, individuals travel for work or different purposes to better places.

Notwithstanding a progression of game-changing arrangements created and presented by JustMyRoots, intercity conveyance of transitory food is one more achievement in the food delivery system

JustMyRoots is India’s first intercity home conveyance administration that works with the conveyance of transitory prepared food/others across urban areas with packaging that keeps the food new for over 26 hours. For a long time, JustMyRoots has been conveying prepared suppers, remarkable and real to a specific district the nation over to clients in more than 25 urban communities.

Services accessible for select dishes from select cafés.

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