Khubani: A Gateway To Modern Royalty


Laden with shimmering chandeliers, doused in a red hue, allows us to transport you to the mythical and magical world of Khubani!  As soon as you step into the enigmatic foyer, we take you on a journey like no other, a voyage all around the world and an escapade into the lifestyle of modern-day royalty. Welcoming you to the dynamic world of Khubani is the energized & experienced team coming from the long legacy of the house of Imperfecto who have been master experience curators over the last decade to their audiences in the capital.

The brainchild of the House of Imperfecto, Khubani is nestled and nurtured by first-generation business pioneers Mr Sharad Madan and Mr Naresh Madan. The decade-old firm is an outcome of wild imagination and sheer perseverance. Imperfecto’s pioneer Mr Suresh Madan laid the bricks of Imperfectos first outlet at Hauz Khas village and with it launching their first steps in the hospitality industry. Under his guidance, his sons Mr Sharad Madan & Mr Naresh Madan are the trailblazers, and are carrying forward the legacy of the Imperfecto brand. Imperfecto, now a household name, carries within it over 10 restaurants and bars across Delhi NCR. Khubani marks the passion project of visionaries Sharad and Naresh Madan guaranteeing an escapade into regality and a journey for all senses. 

An amalgamation of Global Cuisines and Persian culture, Khubani brings to you a unique dining experience, catering the finest of Indian and Global Cuisines. Khubani reflects this tryst of international cultures with a distinct ethnic touch  through its scenic mastery across its two floor property.. Each corner of the space is different to the other- personally curated and handcrafted by its founders. An Exquisite ambiance is created by the chandeliers from all over the world, looking down upon guests while mystical dim red lighting engulfs the aura of the venue. Persian rugs carrying intricate tikari work from Rajasthan  adorning every corner of the venue are a unique touch specially curated by Mr Sharad & Naresh Madan who carried with these artistic jewels from the farthest corners of India.  At the entrance flows a reservoir of opulence through a magnificent fountain, sculptures and period art pieces bringing walls to life, hand-cut mirrors sparkle- even champagne showers arrive in a stunning palki; all of which have been self-curated by the Founders during their expeditions. 

Speaking about the passion project, Co-Founder and Director Sharad Madan said “Khubani is the story of a royal Persian bar introduced in India for the first time where good food, good drinks, Persian interiors welcome you during the day for lunch and the night sees the space being converted into a high energy bar with performers from all around the world.” Fellow Co-Founder and Director Naresh Madan further explains “Khubani is a Persian bar which is hand-curated by Imperfecto Designs, it’s a perfect blend of best cocktails, the international culinary team of chefs, international artists performing various entertainment acts for you. We have created a blend the likes of which have never seen before, which won’t let you go back home”

Flavors from around the world make Khubani’s menu a culinary feast. Award-winning chef Sabyasachi Gorai adds magic to each mouthful served at Khubani, Turkish chef Gokhan brings pangs of authenticity while Executive Chef Narendra Singh brings his accolade and world traveled experiences. A new week, a new technique: show-stopping cooking styles like Sous vide, Confit, Classic charcoal cooking will be showcased in phenomenal dishes throughout the week. Luscious sushi rolls, baos, dim sums and curries add a zing of pan Asian to one’s palate. An exquisite Indian course with flavourful fish fingers, butter chicken and dal makhani make for rich dining while an Italian fare filled with hand-stretched pizzas transport diners to the heart of Europe. An authentic Turkish menu comprises Turkish mezze, Adana Kebab (Traditionally smoked charcoal cooked hand minced lamb kebab), Imam bayildi (charcoal roasted smoked Eggplant with Turkish spices) and more! Satiating the sweet tooth, sinful desserts on offer are the Tiramisu, Caramel popcorn cheesecake, Mile high mud pie, Salted cookie chocolate jar, Assorted baklavas, Kabak tatlisi (oven-baked sweet squash), Kunefe, (Angel hair pastry filled with sweet cheese) amidst other treats!

Unmissable Cocktail concoctions to sip and savor at the bar include the Royal of Khubani made with gin, spices, wine reduction, dehydrated apricot, the Chai martini crafted with vodka infused with masala tea, black cardamom cordial, cardamom bitters and dehydrated orange, Miss Esther: tequila mixed with homemade Thai spice cordial, lemon juices and dehydrated beetroot red pepper mix, the Elderflower spritzer and more. Sinful smoothies and shakes such as a vanilla and coconut shake, peanut butter shake, sassy berry smoothie and more add to the abundance of variety at Khubani. 

Nights at Khubani are spectacles to marvel at. Experience enthralling entertainment through an array of performers at the hub. You may be dining while you see an aerial artist dropping down the ceiling to steal your drink while your Turkish chef comes bearing authentic kebabs. Allow all your senses to get immersed in a symphonies of Persian melodies, as you’re tempted to tap your feet  to the tantalizing dances originating from the middle east. Enjoy awe-striking acrobatics, captivating saxophone performances and never seen before phenomenal fire shows that will leave spellbound. The entertainment at Khubani is regal and captivating, transporting patrons to the heart of a middle eastern palace filled with unexpected wonders and visions. 

Allow us to take you on this magic carpet ride into the world of Khubani where Modern Royalty dwells.

Come unwind the mystery of Khubani!  
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