kindlife expands its Korean-beauty portfolio by exclusively launching Nolahour in India

 kindlife expands its Korean-beauty portfolio by exclusively launching Nolahour in India

India, 14th March 2023 – kindlife, India’s fastest-growing platform aimed at making better living easy, has exclusively launched Nolahour, in partnership with Limese. Nolahour offers a full vegan efficacious routine for the entire acne journey of an individual to improve the skin and enhance its quality. Built on the personal acne treatment experiences of two founders in their youth, Nolahour uses only clean ingredients that facilitate acne treatment and make the overall skin healthier. The portfolio offers a wide array of products such as Gel Cleaners, Microneedle Acne Patch, Clear Patch, Watery Moisturizer, Watery Toner, and Micropoint Spot Patch.

With a community of 250,000+ consumers, kindlife focuses on better products and currently houses over 600+ kind brands across beauty, nutrition and wellness categories. With 50+ Korean Beauty brands such as COSRX, One Thing, Beauty of Joseon, Someby Mi, SNP Prep among others, kindlife is strengthening its position as the leading platform for kinder Korean beauty bringing notable brands for young India. 

Commenting on the exclusive partnership, Manasa Garemella, Co-Founder, kindlife said, “We are very excited to partner with Limese for the launch of Nolahour exclusively in India. The audience has always looked for specific skincare solutions for acne and sensitive skin, and now with the launch of Nolahour, we will be able to cater to a wider audience in the country with our independent category for Korean brands.”

Research highlights the growing market of Korean beauty products infused with clean and natural ingredient formulations. This affinity is visible especially among the Gen-Zs as they keep self care and planet care at the center of their purchase decisions. 

Founded in Korea, Nolahour was born to pursue hypoallergenic and effective acne care through natural acne-soothing ingredients & extracts and focus on producing skincare products that one can trust implicitly. It was introduced based on the firm belief that safe and clean ingredients are fundamental to the well-being of our skin. Its USP highlights the utilization of the micro-needling technique which helps stimulate the skin’s healing process by producing more collagen and elastin to leave the skin smoother and firmer.

On the growing love for Korean Beauty in India, Manasa Garemella, Co-Founder, kindlife said, “With the growing affinity towards K drama and K pop, the awareness of Korean beauty has plunged across the Indian market. Conversations around the efficacious formulations and ingredients of Korean beauty offerings have become a requisite for purchase decisions today. Young India is aware of the benefits of including these formulated products in their regime. With a clear purpose to help the target consumers to switch to better living, kindlife is constantly making moves and has become the most sought-after platform for Korean beauty.”


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