KITKAT celebrates the season of love with unique #lovebreaklingo expressions

KITKAT celebrates the season of love with unique #lovebreaklingo expressions

Youth today have their own unique way of communicating and expressing themselves – the shorter the better. KITKAT wanted to build on this insight and translate it even into ways of expressing love and bringing a smile this Valentine’s.

KITKAT has launched #LoveBreakLingo packs with fun, quirky love lingo for any relationship – best friends, first crush, the cool buddy or the bestie. The packs also have a QR code which allows them to use Whatsapp to send personalized messages using the #lovebreaklingo to anyone they choose to. 

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Rupali Rattan, Head – Confectionery Business, Nestlé India said, “This year we wanted to talk to the youth in their own language. And what better time than Valentine’s. The campaign focuses on bringing alive the concept of #lovebreaklingo across multiple levers of packaging, digital and messaging platforms. The packs will allow our consumers to express themselves in their own vocabulary with a KITKAT witty twist.”

The #LoveBreakLingo packs are available for a limited period and recognize the need of the youth today wanting to reconnect across all types of relationships and show some love to people who make their breaks special.