KRAFTON announces BGMI Ki Boli Challenge: Exciting prizes await winners

  • An engaging two-week contest for BGMI fans with chance to win in-game UC worth INR 5Lakh for the top Easter egg spotters.
  • In the era of skippable brand films, BGMI got viewers to pause & play each frame.

New Delhi, September 20th 2023: BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) has just announced ‘BGMI Ki Boli Challenge’, a contest that has already generated massive excitement within the community with more than 8000 entries coming within a few hours of launch. The contest adopts a unique interactive format that encourages participants to pause each frame of the recently launched ‘BGMI Ki Boli’ brand film to find hidden Easter eggs related to the BGMI world. 

The two-week contest, which began on 19th September, offers a chance for participants to win in-game UC worth INR 5 lakh for the top participants who find the most Easter eggs. It has already gone viral with community submitting their versions of BGMI Ki Boli Challenge on YouTube and Instagram. The contest is simple and absolutely free to participate in. You need not even play one match of BGMI to participate, it only needs deep knowledge of the game and nothing else! 

How to Participate:

  1. Watch the ‘BGMI Ki Boli’ campaign video and pause to examine each frame
  2. Use a screen record feature to record a video by pausing on the Easter eggs and verbally call them out or record a normal video of while spotting the Easter eggs
  3. Upload the video on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook with the hashtag #BGMIKiBoli and tag the BGMI channel
  4. Confirm your entry by filling the entry form –
  5. The contest window opens on September 19 and will run until Oct 1
  6. The top Easter egg finders have a chance to win a prize pool of UC worth INR 5 lakh
  7. Winners and Easter eggs will be revealed after the contest 

“The ‘BGMI Ki Boli Challenge’ is more than just a contest; it’s our recognition of the sheer amount of in-depth knowledge and understanding our fans have, of the game. We conceptualised this video from 28,000 responses from fans on what they find iconic about BGMI and then put those iconic elements inside the video making it a collaborative effort rather than a one-directional narrative. This event, which encourages fans to find those hidden easter eggs that they submitted, is a testament to BGMI’s commitment to fostering clean and pure interaction among our fans. We’ve already had 8000 videos submissions in 2 days analysing each and every frame and hope to see countless more!” said Srinjoy Das, Associate Director of Marketing, KRAFTON India

For a detailed overview of the rules, please refer below:

The BGMI Ki Boli campaign celebrates the exceptional bonds within the game’s diverse player community and the distinctive vernacular that has organically evolved from it. This contest extension has been touted to be one of the biggest events of the year for BGMI lovers.For updates and details of the contest, follow BGMI’s official YouTube, Instagram and Facebook pages.