“Learning Ka new tareeka” campagin by Kiddopia


Kiddopia is a learning app for kids which is COPPA- certified by kidSAFE. The app introduces a campaign named “Learning Ka new tareeka”. It was created by Rakesh Hinduja, which is mainly targeting the preschoolers, through which the app wants to convey that as there is development in technology and there should also be a change brought in learning methods for children.

The campaign film begins with a mother, father, and son story, where the mother asks the child to order and tells him the spelling, whereas the child, in turn, tells the answer, and both the parents are surprised. The next scene shows mother and daughter, where the child helps the mother in counting the money and the last scene shows a child who explains about the continents to his parents and they both the parents are surprised at his response.

The campaign film promotes the message that whether the school functions or not, the learning process is a continuous process it never ends and that 80% of the brain development happens between the age of two to seven. The app offers various subjects like general knowledge, math, and other subjects.

Co-founder of Kiddopia, Anshu Dhanuka stated that it is an app which is specially created and designed for kids by providing useful information, where the knowledge is shared through an interactive and fun session where it creates interest in the mind of the kids, and it also creates educational value in the kids and helps the kids in their overall growth.

The campaign was designed by Saurabh, Rakesh, and the team and the company hopes that the parents will respond well to the campaign and be thrilled to use the app for their kids. Parents are people who are concerned about their kid’s growth and always chooses the best method for their kids learning, and this app guarantees to meet the requirements of the parents.

Rakesh Hinduja states that Kiddopia is a great app with interactive sessions and the task was to understand the requirements of parents and meet their expectations and parents are always happy when their kids learn new things. The campaign is about providing new methods of learning and surprises for kids.


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