Let’s Break Up: Anti-Tobacco Campaign by 104.8 Mirchi Mysore on World No Tobacco Day

Let’s Break Up: Anti-Tobacco Campaign by 104.8 Mirchi Mysore on World No Tobacco Day
Let’s Break Up: Anti-Tobacco Campaign by 104.8 Mirchi Mysore on World No Tobacco Day

 In a concerted effort to combat the pervasive issue of tobacco use,  Mirchi 104.8 FM, in association with Manipal Hospitals Mysore, has launched an innovative and  impactful campaign themed “Let’s Break Up – Break up with Thambaaku.” This campaign,  inaugurated on World No Tobacco Day, aims to raise awareness about the dangers of tobacco  use and encourage the community to pledge against its consumption. 

The week-long event features a mobile van, branded with the campaign theme, traveling to key  locations across Mysore. These include government offices, colleges, corporate hubs, parks, and  other prominent spots where the public can gather. The initiative provides a platform for people  to take a stand against tobacco by signing a signature board, symbolizing their commitment to a  tobacco-free life. Supporting this initiative are esteemed partners: EDIN Synergy, Mahindra India  Garage, SIUK, and Comfort Sleep. Their collaboration underscores the community’s collective  effort to tackle tobacco use and promote healthier lifestyles. 

The campaign was inaugurated on 1st June by Mysore’s esteemed Deputy Commissioner, Dr. K  V Rajendra. Joining him at the launch event were DHO Mr. Kumarswamy and Dr. Upendra  Shenoy, Cardiac Surgeon and Chief of Medical Services at Manipal Hospital Mysore. In his  address, Dr. Rajendra highlighted the severe health risks associated with tobacco consumption  and emphasized the critical importance of spreading awareness. Following his speech, Dr.  Rajendra took the pledge against tobacco and ceremonially flagged off the mobile awareness  vehicle, signaling the start of the city-wide campaign. Throughout the week, doctors from Manipal  Hospitals and prominent personalities will visit educational institutions and corporate offices to  educate students and professionals about the harmful effects of tobacco. Their expert insights  aim to inform and inspire individuals to make healthier choices. 

“We are thrilled with the response to the ‘Let’s Break Up – Break up with Thambaaku’ campaign,”  said Pushpendra Singh, Business Director, Karnataka. “The overwhelming support and active  participation from the Mysore community have been incredible. This campaign has sparked a  significant conversation about the dangers of tobacco use and the benefits of quitting. We believe  that together, we have taken a crucial step towards a healthier, tobacco-free Mysore.” 

Mirchi 104.8 FM invites everyone in Mysore to join this crucial initiative and help make a significant  impact in the fight against tobacco. Together, let’s break up with tobacco and pave the way for a  healthier future.