Levi’s to come up with yoga pants for women


Bart Sights is in the process of purifying his recipes for denim in a revamped grain mill with rising ceilings and wooden beams. In his hands, he holds a list of steps to create a specifically annoying style – women’s skinny jeans cum yoga pants that is stained dark blue of the plunging fabric into indigo dye buckets.

Mostly, such jeans have too much synthetic fibre making them look cheap and silky unlike the real denim. Sights has been involved in looking out for a way to give this fabric the appropriate amount of stretch in the appropriate places as that there is enough in order to compliment the figure. However, there will not too much of stretch that it stops looking like jeans.

Sights is the senior director for technical innovation of Levi Strauss’ and the Telegraph Hill area is the research and development lab of the company. At this lab, Levi’s is revamping the entire women’s lineup in its namesake brand. Founded in the year 1853, the company has survived the Great Depression Civil Wear and other epochal threats as well. Over the past two years, it has been distressed by an enemy that is its executives saw and it is the yoga pants.

Last year, the company sold athletic pants almost to the same number as the jeans for the very first time in the U.S. The prime reason for this is that the athletic pants were comfortable as well as flattering, claimed the market researcher NPD Group. As the revenue generated by the women’s jeans fell by eight percent, Levi’s is prepping the yoga pants. This scourge is vexing and it is disrupting the turnaround plan framed by the company’s new CEO showing success signs.

The sales of Levi’s have sagged to $4.8 million. The firm is owned privately by its Founder’s heirs, and its luxury of not answering to the public shareholders has gradually made the company to slow to respond and react to the changes.

The rise of yoga pants is almost synonymous with that of Lululemon, a company based on Vancouver started in 1998 with a capitalization of $9 billion now. Since then, women have been wearing worn yoga pants as they perfectly suited for the grocery store, hanging out at the park, attending a lecture and so on. Yoga pants are not too soft or tight in the right places. They are made of advanced materials that boost women’s figures making them look both stylish and casual.



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