Life Insurance companies in India display extraordinary camaraderie, ahead of Friendship Day


SBI Life Insurance lights up Twitter as it brings together all life insurers, bonded by a collective goal of universal insurance coverage for all citizens

Mumbai, 31 July, 2021: In the run-up to International Friendship Day, SBI Life Insurance sent out a series of tweets wishing its peers in a unique way. The Friendship Day messages lit up Twitter timelines, as netizens were amused to see all the other Life Insurers of the country respond with friendly gestures. The friendship day conversations underscore the insurers shared goal of making India financially immune through universal insurance coverage for all.

Life insurance is one of the most reliable tool to secure the future of your loved ones, even in your absence. The pandemic, has especially led to an increase in awareness on the role of insurance to protect your loved ones and provide them with a financial safety net in a difficult time. Despite this, the life insurance penetration is in low single digits. It is thus the collective aim of all life insurers to increase the proportion of insured Indians and help them fulfill their promise of protection to their families.

Through this campaign, SBI Life urges its peers to continue working towards this goal and reminds them that they are all in this together. The initiative has already triggered a series of positive conversations among its industry peers and other social media users. Other life insurers have responded to SBI Life’s message with equal warmth and acknowledged the need to proactively work towards building a well-insured and financially secure nation.

The message for each life insurer has been carefully crafted to ensure it is subtle, quirky and conversational. At the same time, the message touches upon the importance of life insurance in ensuring financial immunity. Both aspects of the communication have been tied in with the occasion of Friendship Day in a beautiful manner. Through this campaign, SBI Life has demonstrated the shared priority of all life insurers – delivering the promise of ‘protection’ to Indians.

Speaking on the campaign, Mr. Ravindra Sharma, Chief of Brand, Corporate Communication & CSRSBI Life Insurance, said, “Mankind has been witnessing one of the most challenging times since the start of Covid-19 pandemic. In this difficult time, we believe that a well-insured India will be better poised to tackle challenges related to life and finances. Fulfilling this promise of protection is a common goal for all insurers. And on the occasion of Friendship Day, we are acknowledging this mutual goal which makes our bond even stronger and the collective dream of universal coverage for all, achievable.”

He further added, “We hope that this gesture sparks further conversations around the need for life insurance across age groups to improve the country’s financial immunity. We live by the belief that friendships and relationships will always come before competition, hence this positive effort to communicate that we are all in this together.”

Few conversations initiated with other life insurers on Twitter: