Life Ka Karo on a campaign of Make My Trip invites people to recover their joys


As a result of the social distance interventions and restrictions of travel caused by a coronavirus, almost half of 2020 was spent locking or within. For everyone, the year was anything but convenient! With the release of Unlock 4.0, as India did before, people look forward to resetting and switch the Game on life mode while guaranteeing security protocols. And how much better time than now for a whole new existence as the country meets to enjoy the annual cricket festival with friends and family.

MakeMyTrip seeks to encourage people to relive the joys of their existence and rebound safely from the sluggishness and boredom that have infiltrated our lives to been the lighter aspect of our lives in its latest comprehensive campaign “Existence Ka Karo Game On.” This is a season of crickets. Pick players from Bangalore (RCB), Mumbai Indians (MI), and Chennai Súper Kings (CSK) are invited to celebrate life in a series of multimedia films to restore the spirit of the movement.

The first film of the series shows some RCB players who are going to see how they think regarding household tasks in months from, regular old routine. The RCB ‘s fine-armor right-arm leg-spinner in this witty, colloquial film is going to make the cricket ball that a separate player is tossing for onion on him only to be pushed by the team captain to return to life’s excitement mode in the ground! The artistic interpretation of the film is a humorous one yet and plays the commonality aspect that has been troubled for months to cohabit at home.

Sunil Suresh, Chief Marketing Officer at MakeMyTrip, told the campaign: “The pandemic tests the endurance of people at a scale we have seen never before. In this campaign, we are touching upon the untiring spirit of the human race who is hopeful and who always march ahead.

This two months interactive promotion was bundled with a one-of-a-kind game experience on an app for lovers of travel and cricket, where they can play at the T20 extravaganza regular raffle competitions and quiz – and more, rewarding winners with ‘unrestricted award points,’ unrestricted travel expenses and more. Regular winners of the “predict and win” competition is also given an exclusive opportunity to communicate digitally with their favorite players

 “It is also our aim to enable Indians to bridge the monotony with our healthy travel and residence offers through this initiative. Mr. Suresh further states. Overall, it’s important to break from the earthly and rejuvenating while we strive to rebuild our lives. The Business has updated its flights, hotels, and holiday packages, including Staycations and Daycations in compliance with safety, protection assurance software developed according to WHO health and hygiene directives and local travel authority to satisfy traveler protection standards and specifications following the pandemic.