Lightstorm Unveils Polarin – A Game-Changing NaaS Platform Enabling Scalable and Agile Cloud Interconnectivity for Enterprises

Lightstorm Unveils Polarin
Lightstorm Unveils Polarin – A Game-Changing NaaS Platform Enabling Scalable and Agile Cloud Interconnectivity for Enterprises

New Delhi, India – June 2, 2023: Lightstorm proudly announces the launch of Polarin, a ground-breaking self-serve Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform. Polarin by Lightstorm empowers enterprises to manage network interconnections effortlessly and cost-effectively across hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure, internet exchanges, CDN service providers, and a myriad of SaaS applications like O365, all within a secure private network.

Designed to cater to cloud-native, forward-thinking enterprises, Polarin’s revolutionary network fabric offers a diverse range of connectivity solutions, granting unparalleled control and visibility over network design, deployment, and scaling in the dynamic realm of hybrid and multi-cloud networks. As a self-service platform, Polarin by Lightstorm caters to the ever-evolving needs of modern businesses, ensuring they can deliver enhanced customer experiences without the need to overhaul their network or cloud architecture.

“Our launch of Polarin by Lightstorm underscores our unwavering commitment to develop products and solutions that truly empower businesses to leverage cutting-edge technologies for accelerated growth. In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, enterprises seek a transparent, secure, and agile solution to effectively manage their increasingly complex cloud networks. Traditional network solutions are ill-equipped for the cloud era and fail to address the evolving needs of businesses. Polarin by Lightstorm is built on the bedrock of transparency, agility, and scalability, allowing businesses to accelerate their hybrid and multi-cloud journey,” shares Amajit Gupta, Group CEO & MD, Lightstorm

Gone are the days of cumbersome provisioning processes and rigid legacy networks that stifle enterprise growth. Polarin, built with a customer-centric approach, orchestrates the entire customer lifecycle through APIs, seamlessly integrating with various technology partners. This empowers businesses with not only cost-effective network management, but also customized solutions tailored to their unique requirements. By simplifying network management and enhancing operational efficiency, Polarin enables significant cost savings for businesses.

“Our goal with Polarin is to drive growth for burgeoning businesses across regions. This disruptive NaaS solution can enable companies to not only manage varied cloud infrastructure with ease, but also mould the same to their bespoke needs. A robust solution that offers 100% uptime and low latency, Polarin by Lightstorm gives businesses all the tools they need to flourish. With Polarin, enterprises can now embrace a future where scalable and agile cloud interconnectivity becomes a reality,” says Lalit S Chowdhary, CTIO, Lightstorm.

It is time to say goodbye to limitations and embrace a network solution that propels your business toward unparalleled growth and success.