Lux Cozi Spreads Awareness to Save Water with a New Campaign – ‘Suno Toh Apne Desh Ki’


National, 4th October: Lux Industries Limited, (BSE: 539542 | NSE: LUXIND) – Known for its innovative and demand-driven product offerings, Lux Industries Limited has launched an initiative to spread awareness on the scarcity of freshwater and the need to conserve this depleting resource. An ad campaign featuring Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan and brand ambassador for Lux Cozi was launched last week, and has created a buzz on social media platforms with a trending hashtag –  #SunoTohApneDeshKi.

The use of water is extensive during multiple stages of textile manufacturing, right from the raw material stage of filtering and sorting to processing, colouring and washing. As a responsible corporate brand, Lux Cozi has introduced a new technology within their manufacturing which saves 3 lakh litres of water everyday. The implementation of this technology has helped the brand reduce water wastage during manufacturing, thereby taking a step closer towards a friendly, healthy environment. These ethical measures have been taken to supplement the brand’s message ‘Suno Toh Apne Desh Ki’, to save water and hence, save society. In a country that contributes to 16% of the overall world population, but only has 4% of the needed water resources, awareness of this issue is the need of the hour. The advertisement, featuring popular Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan, also the brand ambassador,  has been created to engage with customers in a playful manner, while hitting the nail on the head with the powerful messaging. The ad video along with the associated hashtag #SunoTohApneDeshKi has been doing the rounds on all social media platforms and has caught the attention of media and customers.  The full video can be viewed here

Commenting on this campaign, Executive Director, Udit Todi said, “Since the textile industry has a big wastage of water, we are keen on upgrading our technologies to have a better approach towards a sustainable environment as a company and will always try to have a better approach towards building a better society around us.”

“It has been our forever objective to develop a sustainable system around our manufacturing unit to make it more efficient towards a better future of not only the organization but the entire ecosystem around the business and it’s our focus to cultivate a culture of environmental responsibility for everyone in the Lux Cozi family.”, added Saket Todi, Executive Director, Lux Industries.

Lux Industries has been manufacturing more than 100 products across 14 major brands comprising a complete range of innerwear and outerwear for men, women, and children. The product is made from 100% cotton, ensuring superior comfort. The use of the best and finest cotton in Lux Cozi delivers durability with strong stitches. This provides breathability and freshness, making Cozi a preferred brand. The Company introduced innovative scented vests to fight rising summer heat; the refreshing scented vest emerged as a landmark men’s innerwear product. Continuous product quality enhancement along with uncompromised quality at a pocket friendly price is the main USP of the brand. Lux Cozi focused on ‘Suno Toh Apne Dil Ki’ and urged wearers to listen to their heart, strengthening its tagline around ‘People’s Brand’.