Machine Learning Addresses the Challenges of Traditional ML Model


Machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence that helps the systems to learn through several varieties of experience. ML models are trained with different groups of structured and unstructured data collected from different sources. ML can be defined as the study of computer algorithms that allow computer programs to automatically improve through experience.

Challenges of Traditional Machine Learning Models

Data scientists have an important role in training ML models. These data collected for the ML are clean, organized, and relevant data sets from the data pool ensuring that correct data is stored in the model. And when we compare ML with the traditional model, a traditional machine learning model, follows a sequential approach of data mining. These data are analyzed, filtered, selected, tuned, and tested, and also be repeated for the entire process to find the best algorithm. Till now as there is no best algorithm invented, data scientists have to invest their time in training and testing individual algorithms until they find a suitable one. Therefore, this is considered to be one of the major drawbacks of the traditional machine learning model.

What is Automated Machine Learning Model?

Automated Machine learning is accepted as a suitable and comprehensive approach to address and remove the challenges associated with ML algorithms and models. Automated machine learning helps with end-to-end automation of the ML model. It is designed in a particular way to conduct automated data analysis, so that accurate results can be processed.

Automated Machine learning algorithm helps the data scientists to collect clean data and also helps to automatically train the models as well. Automated feature engineering attribute, AutoML helps in automatic collection of the data, extracting meaningful information, and detecting any false data in the entire process.

This also helps in optimizing the learning and function of a suitable algorithm, automates the data storage, and identifies leaky spots and misconfigurations. This results in accuracy and precision in the result thus helps to get rid of the risks. Also, as data scientists are not required to either clean or collect the data, organizations can utilize their skills in solving more critical and urgent problems.

Sectors Employing Automated Machine Learning

As many companies in the telecom, retail, and energy sector are deploying AutoML to achieve accurate and precise results, Amazon’s Alexa has automated its deep learning algorithm to produce an end-to-end user interface. Google Cloud AutoML is a machine learning model that ensures developers with little knowledge can bring in the benefit of training high-quality models.


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