Major security breach threat looms over India


Data is the new gold. In modern times, the internet has become a treasure trove for data seekers. Various internet companies deal in data and make millions by simply selling them to other companies or organizations. It also gives them personal info after breaching our trust.

In recent times, cyber-attacks have increased on the Indian Government IT department. Various websites are getting affected.

Recently, after the incident of Nupur Sharma, a hacker group named Dragon Force has announced on the web that it will target the Indian Government’s IT department. It is also calling this step a special operation.

This operation was posted online. Since its announcement, various postings related to the attacks and the related data have been released on the internet which contains the personal email ids of many VIPs and their other details.

Various educational websites are affected by the attack. The service of a popular service named Hostnet India has also been taken down.

Some of the institutes which are affected include Nagpur’s Institute of Science. Many other institutes have been affected by the attack.

Nagpur City Police cyber department also mentioned the attack. They said that there have been various attacks in various parts of Maharashtra.

These attacks should not be taken lightly by the Indian Government. There can be various attacks on many other departments and institutions.

The data of various people are at risk. It can become a major issue if data of high-profile and important members of the government becomes public on the internet.

The main threat is to those systems, which are outdated and lack advanced security features. The systems that are not up to today’s standards and those which have default settings are also at risk. These threats should be eliminated as they can have bad consequences.

These shortcomings can become a major issue if taken lightly. The systems in our country need to be up to mark at least in terms of security features.

Important steps have to be taken by the Indian Government if they want their system to be intact. Otherwise, a major disaster is waiting around the corner for India.

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