Make a Heartfelt Commitment to Your Heart with MediBuddy’s #HeartYourOwnHeart Campaign this World Heart Day

Make a Heartfelt Commitment to Your Heart with MediBuddy's #HeartYourOwnHeart Campaign this World Heart Day

National, September 26, 2023: In celebration of World Heart Day, MediBuddy, India’s
largest digital healthcare platform, invites individuals to take a moment to reflect on their
heart health and encourages everyone to #HeartYourOwnHeart. MediBuddy motivates
people to pause and consider the essential organ that keeps them alive – the heart. This
campaign urges individuals to prioritise their heart health and make lifestyle choices that
promote a healthier heart.
With this initiative, MediBuddy aims to spark a heartwarming movement that motivates
people to embrace a heart-healthy lifestyle. It’s a heartfelt reminder that by nurturing our
hearts, we can enhance our well-being and the quality of life for our loved ones. In these
challenging times, where health has taken centre stage, MediBuddy’s commitment to
promoting heart health resonates deeply with its mission to make quality healthcare
accessible and convenient for all.
Speaking on the campaign, Mr. Saibal Biswas, Head of Marketing, Partnerships, and PR
at MediBuddy said, “Your heart is your most vital organ, and it deserves all the care and
attention it can get. The campaign urges people to Eat Heart-Healthy, Get Active, Quit
Smoking, Manage Stress, Regular Check-ups. World Heart Day serves as a poignant
reminder for all of us to take proactive steps towards a healthier heart. At MediBuddy, we
believe that by raising awareness about heart health, we can help people lead healthier
and happier lives.”
MediBuddy also offers a range of digital healthcare services to support individuals on their
heart health journey. From online video consultations with experienced cardiologists from
top hospitals to personalised fitness and nutrition plans, MediBuddy provides holistic
healthcare solutions.
The video titled “Would You Care Enough To ‘Like Your Own Heart’?” is a heartfelt and
engaging tribute to World Heart Day. In this video, MediBuddy brings to life the essence of
the #HeartYourOwnHeart campaign, which encourages individuals to reflect and reflect on
their heart health. It highlights the beauty and resilience of the human heart, reminding
viewers of its incredible role in sustaining life. Through captivating visuals and heartfelt
storytelling, the video aims to inspire people to join the movement, make informed choices,
and prioritize their heart health. Conceptualized and produced by MediBuddy’s in-house
creative team, the digital ad campaign is live across all social media platforms.
Campaign video link – Would You Care Enough To ‘Like Your Own Heart’? | World Heart
Day | #MediBuddy #HeartYourOwnHeart

This World Heart Day, join MediBuddy in showing your heart some love by pledging to

HeartYourOwnHeart. Share your commitment on social media and encourage friends and

family to prioritize their heart health too.
For more information about the #HeartYourOwnHeart campaign and MediBuddy’s
comprehensive healthcare services, please visit MediBuddy: Doctor Consultation.