MakeMyTrip’s CMM talks about and marketing plans


When India’s first COVID-induced shutdown was imposed in 2020, many eager vacationers were forced to stay indoors due to travel restrictions in several parts of the country. Even after the lockdown was lifted, travel restrictions remained in place in many parts of the country. During this time, many companies, particularly tourism and hospitality, came to a halt. 

Many tourism-related industries, including hotels, travel agencies, and online travel aggregators (OTAs), were hit hard. MakeMyTrip (MMT) is one such aggregator that had to pivot amid the epidemic to stay up with the quickly changing circumstances. 

MMT took several steps, including launching an ad sales platform to help other players in the travel and hotel industries receive additional exposure. According to the company, the Go advertising solutions platform is one of India’s biggest travel audience networks. 

Its goal is to link high-intent travelers and premium audiences with brands and enterprises. The goal is to assist marketers in engaging and connecting with the appropriate audience set based on their specific targeting requirements. 

Display advertisements, premium placements such as choices for roadblocks, sponsored listings, emails and notifications, and audience extension with inventory on several external social and travel sites are all available through the advertising solutions platform. 

This was created to assist MMT and Goibibo partners in achieving the highest possible return on investment (RoI) when targeting travel audiences. The software also has a variety of targeting possibilities. Advertisers can target specific audiences from a wide spectrum of premium and mass audiences, maximizing their return on investment. 

Suresh tells us that only a small percentage of people choose to take a holiday in the recent two years. The reason for this was that only a small percentage of workers had the time, money, or resources to travel while working remotely. 

From a marketing standpoint, the use of digital media to communicate with audiences of diverse ages is becoming more common. People realized they had begun to take basic liberties, such as the ability to travel and move around, for granted. 

When the first lockdown was lifted, Suresh said, people began to travel more to see each other, particularly their friends and relatives. Before workcations, this was the first trend they noticed. 

Suresh tells us that MMT had a function called price lock during the pandemic. If people were undecided about the dates they wished to go, they may reserve a seat on a flight for a lower fee. 

The focus now appears to be on the available refund schemes, assuring frightened tourists that they would be taken care of whether they travel or not. 

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