PR is entering the digital-first phase of communication: Deepshikha Dharmaraj

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PR is entering the digital-first phase of communication

The start of the new year 2023 is seen as bringing in new stronger strategies, new operational efficiencies, and a far better emphasis on building deep bonds with various consumers and stakeholders. Human and technology approaches are seen as going hand in hand. In keeping with the current market highlight major development and major trends which are dominated in the industry in the year ahead, industry leaders will approach this in crystal gaze into 2023. 

Deepshikha Dharmaraj, chief executive officer, of BCW India group, pointed out some key trends which will dominate in the public relation industry. This year, a larger need for public affairs and policy advocacy, a digital-first phase of communication, as well a focus on the area of the BCW India group in 2023, and more.

Some of the key trends which will dominate the PR industry in 2023:

Increasing need for public advocacy and affairs-

The regulatory environment is becoming more and more complex because global issues are taking more precedence in corporate life. There is a larger need for public affairs and policy advocacy. The aim for the industry is to do both- inform the government on what the industry requires for growth and educate clients on the changing landscape.

Digital-first communication-

We have seen the worth of innovation and development on the digital front, in the last three years. From a digital, we are in the digital first phase of communication. Traditional technology and PR do just not co-exist but work together seamlessly. Additionally, machine learning, artificial intelligence, AR/VR, Web3, and Metaverse are offering new ways to engage with the largest audience through the message even more. AI-driven platforms and other conversations around DALLe, ChatGPT, and writerly taking over the basic tasks are already abuzz. Just like the metaverse, we as human beings need to keep in mind that technology is only as good as we are using it.


Companies need to be aligned with their purpose for communications to be effective and have to be authentic. The company’s purpose is the true north for the company- the reason for its existence. On the company’s website, it can’t be a just sentence. It has to link through all the partners, community, employees, government, consumers, and stakeholders. It helps the company to align its strategy and value to a shared vision. In 2023, the major focus area of BCW India group is to align with trends and expectations and to deliver on that.

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