[Marketing Concepts]Packaging Strategies


Product packaging plays a vital role in attracting prospective customers and hence in the promotion of the product. In fact the design of packaging is of immense importance in the success of any product.  Packaging strategies are usually adopted during the decision making process of product design. Common packaging strategies adopted by business world are:

Unique Packaging: This packaging strategic tool is much related to the identity of a product.   The packaging can make the product distinct so that it “stands apart from the crowd” of competitors.

Functional: Packaging strategy that points to the functions of packaging. For example package of preservative food items must satisfy preservative function for a long period of time.  Also certain packages provide information on the do’s and don’ts to be obeyed while using a particular product.

Safe Packaging: Product packaging must be done with safe materials for easy handling and to avoid contamination of dangerous products.

Apart from the packaging strategies mentioned above, marketers also think on certain other strategies like easiness of packet removal, promotion of product uses/benefits, and reinforcement of product brand. Hence, packaging strategic efforts prompts the impulse product buying decision of customers, which in turn leads to its massive promotion.


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