Maruti Suzuki expands its Accelerator program to include global startups

Maruti Suzuki expands its Accelerator program to include global startups
Maruti Suzuki expands its Accelerator program to include global startups
Committed to Government¬†of India‚Äôs¬†‚ÄėMake¬†in India‚Äô and ‚ÄėStartup India‚Äô¬†initiatives, Maruti Suzuki India Limited announced opening of applications for the 9th¬†Cohort of its Maruti¬†Suzuki Accelerator, an initiative for startups. In an ambitious move, for the first time, the Company is¬†inviting applications from global startups. Both Indian and global startups, with innovative solutions¬†relevant¬†to automobile¬†manufacturing¬†and¬†mobility¬†space,¬†may¬†apply¬†and¬†benefit¬†from¬†the¬†program.
Benefits* to startups include:
  • Guidance¬†from¬†mentors¬†associated¬†with¬†domestic¬†and¬†international¬†startup¬†ecosystems,¬†and¬†domain¬†experts from¬†Maruti Suzuki
  • Opportunity¬†to do¬†a¬†Paid¬†Proof¬†of¬†Concept¬†with¬†Maruti¬†Suzuki
  • Participate¬†in¬†educational¬†visits¬†to¬†Japan¬†and¬†get¬†an¬†opportunity¬†to¬†develop¬†global¬†market¬†connect
  • Secure¬†funding¬†through¬†Maruti¬†Suzuki¬†Innovation¬†Fund
Mr.¬†Hisashi¬†Takeuchi,¬†Managing¬†Director¬†&¬†CEO,¬†Maruti¬†Suzuki¬†India¬†Limited,¬†said,¬†‚ÄúThe¬†startup¬†ecosystem¬†is full of ideas and solutions relevant to the automobile manufacturing and mobility space. In 2019, we¬†initiated a program with an aim to create an enabling ecosystem for startups with technology-driven¬†innovations.¬†Now,¬†by¬†opening¬†the¬†program¬†to¬†global¬†startups,¬†we¬†are¬†determined¬†to¬†further¬†accelerate¬†the¬†development of innovative technologies relevant to the Indian market. This expansion will help drive¬†technological¬†advancements¬†and¬†generate¬†good¬†employment¬†opportunities¬†for¬†the¬†youth,¬†thereby¬†contributing¬†to¬†the nation‚Äôs¬†economic¬†growth.‚ÄĚ
Maruti Suzuki Accelerator program:
In 2019, Maruti Suzuki started Mobility and Automobile Innovation Lab (MAIL)# to promote innovation within the automobile manufacturing and mobility space. Under this corporate accelerator program, Maruti Suzuki collaborates with start-ups to co-create technology-led solutions that improve customer convenience, efficiency of business processes, among others.
The program also provides startups with unique opportunities, including the potential for investment support through the Maruti Suzuki Innovation Fund.
Since the inception of this program, Maruti Suzuki has screened over 2,000 startups over 8 cohorts, and engaged with 56 startups. Of these, 18 of them have been onboarded as business partners. So far, Maruti Suzuki has generated a combined business of over INR 1 billion for these 18 startups.
Keeping in mind the requirements of the dynamic and evolving ecosystem in which the program operates, Maruti Suzuki decided to rebrand and create a new brand identity. Starting with Cohort 9, the erstwhile Mobility and Automobile Innovation Lab (MAIL) will be known as Maruti Suzuki Accelerator.
Interested startups can click here to apply to the program.
*Qualifying startups can avail these benefits
# For MAIL program, Maruti Suzuki had partnered with GHV Accelerator. for a five-year period.
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