Meesho: Introducing zero percent commission to sellers


Meesho has become the first e-commerce platform in the country to introduce 0% commission for sellers.

Based on the rules, the company vision is to enable 100 million small businesses to become successful online. Meesho aims to make e-commerce sellers hassle-free.

It encourages them to focus on investing their capital rather than spending huge on commissions. It will be the best opportunity for businesses to gear up for the business for the upcoming festive season in the country.

This mission is to set 100 million small and medium-sized business entrepreneurs to go digital with Meesho. This allows the company to connect to their committed selling and be a part of their growth journey. For sellers, it has committed to giving zero percent commission, and it is the first e-commerce platform introducing this 0% in the country.

Creating awareness for the business owners while moving from offline to online has helped the company build a platform that promises ease of operations with visibility of their products. This 0% commission will help sellers to realize that how digital transition is easy and efficient.

After launching this program there is a 25% rise in the increase in sellers and manufacturers joining the platform. 

All over the country 6.3 crores Micro, small and medium scale entrepreneurs, among them they are only 10 lacs MSMESs running their business online. With the availability of Meesho’s various incentives, small-scale businesses can shift to online.

Currently, Meesho assists sellers with logistics, payments, customer care, and tools to create online catalogs and even data-led business insights about the present demand and their assortment. Now, this 0% commission will make even more sellers sell their products across 700+ categories online.

This initiate, a digital campaign, ‘Meesho pe Commission hai Zero, Ab business aapka Banega Hero’ has been launched for creating awareness among the small medium-sized businesses. There is no other platform in the country which is providing the seller a 0% commission program.

With this ongoing campaign, Meesho has taken a long step in this direction. Meesho has delivered orders of about 1lakh+ registered sellers to over 26,000 pin codes set to free the true growth of the potential sellers. There is no better time to take the business online and benefit from Meesho’s pro-seller 0% commission program with the wide reach across the country that it promises.

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