Meesho leverages influencers to strengthen its positioning as a horizontal e-commerce platform

new filmy campaign, Meesho ‘Sahi Quality’ with ‘Sahi Price’
In their new filmy campaign, Meesho reveals the secret of how they are able to match ‘Sahi Quality’ with ‘Sahi Price’

Mumbai, 18 April 2023: Meesho, India’s only true e-commerce marketplace, saw high traction and participation for the second leg of its brand campaign ‘Meesho pe hai sab kuch taaki aap kar payein bohot kuch’. The campaign positions Meesho as a horizontal e-commerce destination where users can find everything at great value to help them fulfil their shopping aspirations.

Launched in January, the first leg of the campaign included three dedicated TVCs featuring the protagonists’ struggle with resources – until they realised that all the products they needed were available at affordable prices on Meesho. The next leg of the campaign explores viral reels with influencers to highlight Meesho’s vast selection of quality products. 

Popular influencers like Abhinav Singh, Garima Chaurasia, Khushi Chaudhary, Anisha Dixit, Kishen Das and Kabita Singh, among others, repurposed viral social media trends with a unique twist in these reels. Each reel replicates a trend with products from Meesho integrated into the content, helping audiences figure out where they can buy products featured by their favourite influencers – whether it’s a beautiful kurta, a quaint wall clock or aesthetic coffee mugs. These influencers also encouraged their followers to participate in the campaign. 

Shared across social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, nearly 1.3 million people engaged with the campaign. 

Commenting on this, Nilesh Gupta, Senior Director, Growth at Meesho, said, “We have always believed in reaching out to our consumers in unique and captivating ways. Through this campaign, we wanted to unleash the full potential of trending content and influencers to highlight our vast selection of quality products at the lowest prices. We have been able to leverage the lucrative format of ‘reels’ to engage with our customers in a manner that resonates strongly with them. The campaign has been a tremendous success and we have reached 60 million people while receiving an overwhelming response from them. With over 100 million product listings, shoppers on Meesho can find everything at great value to help them fulfil their shopping aspirations ”

Offering a wide selection of quality products at affordable prices, Meesho aims to become the preferred shopping destination of the next billion Indians.