Melorra Celebrates Every #PapaKiLadli with its Special Daughter’s Day Alphabets Collection


The brand’s recent emotional campaign strikes all the right chords and Melorra is bringing forth over a 100 pieces for fathers to choose from for their daughters

New Delhi, 26th September, 2022: Melorra, one of India’s fastest growing D2C brands, celebrated the most special bond between fathers and daughters this Daughter’s Day with an emotional, heart-tugging campaign #PapaKiLadli. The brand brought forth a collection of over 100 jewellery pieces to mark this special day. Fathers need not look beyond Melorra to gift their daughters something unique in lightweight and fashionable gold, inspired by recent global runway trends. 

Daughters are #PapaKiLadli forever and they share a special bond of lifelong friendship, which gets stronger as they grow old. Being a daddy’s girl is like having a permanent armour for the rest of your life. Melorra’s one-of-its-kind customizable alphabets collection for this special day symbolizes a father’s love and how daughters melt their hearts every day. 

Speaking about this, Saroja Yeramilli, Founder and CEO of Melorra said, “Daughters bring in cheerfulness, love and care into our lives in a way that is different from any other. They are #PapaKiLadli for more reasons than one and this special connection must be celebrated with something unique – just like Melorra’s lightweight, fashionable gold alphabet jewellery collection. The jewellery pieces will perfectly accentuate your daughter’s persona for years to come.”

Some of the pieces to choose from include the A shaped All Your Dreams Diamond Earrings, S Shaped Super Duper Diamond Bracelets, T Shaped Tough Gold Bracelets, among others. The entire A to Z range is designed to bring out the personality of daughters and the affection their fathers have for them. 

Melorra has redefined the approach towards fashionable gold jewellery by ensuring that customers do not buy just on occasions but are able to wear it every day! They are given a seamless choosing and buying experience irrespective of whether they buy online or choose to visit the experience centres. 

Melorra jewellery is available in a very affordable price range of 20-50k and the brand launches 75+ designs weekly. This and the fact that the brand is where its customers are, make it one of the top 5 D2C brands offering lightweight and fashionable gold jewellery in the country today. With its recently expanded delivery capabilities to the US, UK, Singapore, and UAE, Melorra is making sure that gold is fashionable every day!