Microsoft Azure: A complete solution for business hubs


Cloud has become one the most essential platform for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as well as for the large-scale Enterprises. They are the most preferable platform because of their quality service and low cost. While Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning have brought about a major transformation into the technological status of the business hubs, Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) is redefining the cloud computing services. It is helping the business organizations to get access to all the compiled information instantly at its fingertips without any manual effort.

With the combined use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning on Microsoft Azure, the business organizations are maximizing on the benefits that they are deriving from the use of this platform. They are highly cost-effective as compared to the on-premises software as the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on Cloud computing software is making the service highly accessible to all types of enterprises. Edge computing is an additional benefit from the use of AI and ML on Cloud as it aims to bring the Datacenter resources closer to the user or the data source which helps in to reduce the delay in the user’s action and the response of the web application to the user’s action. Hence, it increases the overall efficiency of the organization. Furthermore, the Microsoft Azure platform can be used to perform many Machine Learning workloads for pre-trained models.

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) enhances the issue identification and resolution process by identifying the root cause. Benefits of the AIOps platforms are majorly categorized under three heads, i.e., AI for Platform, AI for DevOps, and AI for customers. “AI for the platform” has three major features that are self-healing, Self-adaptation, and Self-awareness. All these features provide an overall benefit to its users to forecast any failure, adjust for efficiency, and prevents regression.

“AI for DevOps” provides triage and diagnosis support, helps in programming intelligence, and helps to prevent regression, and “AI for Customers” provides support in judging the customer behavior, provides customer support service through Chatbot facility, and engages the customers to the website through intelligence preference detection.

Azure service for the business provides various facilities like computing, storage, web +mobile platforms, Internet of Things (IoT), Security and identification, developer tools, networking, containers, Databases & monitoring, and management services. It is built with trusted technology like SQL Server, Windows Server, Hyper-V, and more. It helps to protect the business-critical applications with the help of Cloud backup and disaster recovery and built-in service. It also takes the help of the Azure route for speed and trusted connection.