Microsoft India Development Center announces expansion in Noida


Microsoft India Development Center has, over the last two decades, been increasing its presence in various cities across India. Recently its third campus in Noida was inaugurated in January 2021.

Now they have announced the expansion of its IDC in the National Capital Region (NCR).

Microsoft India Development Center additionally expanded its facility in Noida’s KP Towers on Nov 20, when it realized the potential the NCR market had for technology.

The newest worksite is built to power digital innovation through teams in Experiences and Devices Group, Cloud & AI, Microsoft Digital Teams, and the Gaming Division. It is spread across 150,000 square feet.

The new worksite fortifies Microsoft IDC’s dedication to using innovation in India to find global tech solutions. From its increased presence in the country’s emerging tech hub, i.e. the NCR, the facility plans to draw a rich talent pool from engineering and management institutions, to meet the needs of Microsoft’s customers and make an economic impact in the region.

Rather than just building on Noida’s industrial heritage, the project also focuses on maintaining the city’s green spaces. Close to 6% of the space in the office is allocated for indigenous plants.

The KP Towers office’s design is also locally relevant, as it is inspired by the region’s Okhla Bird Sanctuary. Murals that illustrate the region’s biophilia have been fitted to the wide, open corridors. Depictions of Greater Flamingoes, Cranes, Closed-Winged Ducks and other bird species at the Okhla Bird Sanctuary have been installed to honor the region’s rich biodiversity.

The office space offers a sweeping view of the calm waters of River Yamuna, and ample natural sunlight. It is designed to boost the well-being and leisure of the employees, who can take advantage of the natural vistas, and who are being offered inclusive workspaces that can be customized to suit their needs.

According to Rajiv Kumar, Managing Director of the Microsoft India Development Center, the development of the IDC in Noida is part of an extended effort to empower every person and organization on earth.

Speaking on the exceptional facilities at KP Towers, he said that the workspace provides the right conditions for shaping the future of the IT industry in India.

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