Mobile operators to test quality of wireless data service


Dec 11, 2012: In a recent order Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has asked mobile operators to create a test up so as to test quality of wireless data service. Falling standards of wireless data service has been a growing concern often raised by mobile users and this move is seen to help the mobile operators in providing better quality services to their customers. This move was mandated in ‘The Standards of Quality of Service for Wireless Data Services Regulations, 2012’ which was released recently.


TRAI has asked the operators to create a test set up comprising of servers and test probes to measure the quality of service. This test set has to be created to cover the probes of the entire circle in which an operator has got license. The operator has to test the quality of service covering activation of data service, data drop rate etc. The data generated from such a probe has to be published in their website.



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