Moment Marketing by Manforce Condoms | 22-2-22 , Date 2 Date #GetNaturallyCloser


Manforce Condoms, one of the largest selling condom brands in India that never misses to leverage a moment on its social media, yet again has come up with a quirky and witty post on its social media. 

The brand has leveraged moment marketing on the most special date 22-02-22 which comes once in so many years, and leveraging the same moment, Manforce Condoms has come up with a static post.

The post says ‘22-2-22, Date 2 Date #GetNaturallyCloser’

The brand has recently come up with its new range of Condoms ‘Ultrafeel Condoms’ for Ultra sensation & Ultra pleasure. The Ultrafeel range of Condoms are Super-thin with 0.05 mm thickness which gives a natural feel and ultra- sensational pleasure. It’s so thin, you’ll feel it’s next to nothing.

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The company behind the creatives is Grapes, an integrated marketing agency created a moment marketing post for Manforce Condoms with the caption Even the date is hinting for you 2 to #GetNaturallyCloser#Palindrome#Ambigram

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