Montra Electric “Super Auto” collaborates with ‘Super Woman’, Ms. Noor Jahan

Montra Electric “Super Auto” collaborates with Ms. Noor Jahan
Montra Electric “Super Auto” collaborates with ‘Super Woman’, Ms. Noor Jahan

Bangalore, June 06, 2023: Montra Electric, the EV arm of Murugappa Group surprised Ms. Noor Jahan, one of the city’s most recognisable female auto drivers, with a brand new ‘Super Auto’, at the inauguration of her driving school on her birthday, on June 04, 2023.

Ms. Noor Jahan has embarked on a challenging path. She started as a taxi driver, enduring misogyny, discrimination and inflexible working hours. Since then she wanted to be independent and started her journey as one of the first women auto driver.

Montra Electric collaborated with Ms. Noor Jahan, who inaugurated her driving school for women for financial independence. Ms. Noor Jahan herself is paving the way in making auto driving achievable for every women in this otherwise male dominated field.

Speaking about the collaboration, Mr. Sushant Jena, CEO Montra Electric said “We are delighted to be a part of Noor Jahan’s journey empowering women. “Noor Jahan Driving School” was one of her dreams. Ever since, she has been a source of inspiration for the women in the city. With “Super Auto” we wish her all the luck for her “Super Journey”. We are truly inspired by people like Noor Jahan across the nation and look forward to be a partner in progress.

Noor Jahan, speaking on the occasion, said “I am overwhelmed by the compassionate gesture shown by Montra Electric and extend my heartfelt appreciation for their support. The “Super Auto” will not only prove to be the perfect vehicle for training but will also prepare my students for the electric era that lies ahead.