MoonXBT has announced the launch of a new bitcoin options product


During a press conference conducted in the official Discord community, MoonXBT, a global service-oriented cryptocurrency light contract (LC, Light Contract) platform, formally introduced its new options product — Warrant Options.

Warrant Options, the platform’s initial crypto options product, is the simplest and most straightforward to use.

This symbolizes the start of MoonXBT’s debut of a series of choices products, as well as the start of a new era.

During the press conference, MoonXBT’s COO George Lee stated that MoonXBT options have the lowest premium in history, half that of rival exchanges.

This means that users can buy two MoonXBT options at the same time to get a twofold return.

The expansion of NFTs, GameFi and the Metaverse in 2021 was crucial for the crypto business. Crypto trading volume increased by more than fivefold in 2021 compared to 2020, with crypto derivatives performing the best.

Options are gaining traction among the many crypto-traded derivatives, with withholdings growing and rivalling big options products in traditional capital markets in Europe and the United States. MoonXBT is launching a series of options products in response to market demand. These products highlight the numerous benefits of options, such as greater risk management, increased profitability in a sideways market, and so on.

MoonXBT also provides open lessons, information packs, detailed guidelines, and other resources that can assist users in getting started fast and easily and reducing the challenges they have when trading options derivatives.

MoonXBT, as the first crypto social trading platform, enables traders to communicate with one another, sharing the benefits of options trading and creating a welcome environment for both newbies and experienced traders.

“More than only trading cryptocurrency will be done on MoonXBT. we want people to educate other people,” Lee explained.

In addition to BTC and ETH warrants, the platform also offers DOGE warrants, which are only available on a few platforms. More tokens will be supported for trading warrant options on MoonXBT in the future. In April, MoonXBT will also debut three other options products: European Spread Options, American Standalone Options, and Touch Options.

MoonXBT’s new options products provide traders with low premiums, ease of operation, and variety, allowing them to invest more professionally and reasonably. Correct investment allocations can assist crypto traders to avoid risks and maximize returns.

Lee also announced the “MoonXBT Choices Promotion Ambassador Plan” during the press conference, which would allow more consumers to learn about MoonXBT and try out the new options products. Influencers in the crypto and larger finance industries are asked to be among the first to trade the new product, and additional debates and socialization among the influencers and their followers are encouraged.

MoonXBT inked contracts with various influencers at the press conference, and the contracts will be converted into NFTs and uploaded to Open sea. Each of these influencers will receive a one-of-a-kind NFT identifying sign that will exist in perpetuity, and they will be there when the new option age begins.

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