More Marketing Buzzwords to be heard in 2012


We had earlier discussed about the new words that might become marketing buzzwords in 2012. The terms that were discussed earlier were SoLoMo, Plussification, Likeonomics and Tradigital. According to Marketing Week, some other words which might become marketing buzzwords in 2012 are

Sharkonomics– It defines how companies are stealing market share from other leading brands. This is in fact the name of a book written by Stefan Engeseth.

The Grey Zone– Grey Zone is being used to define the area where the best ideas come from.

Participatory Marketing– The other name of participatory marketing is crowd sourcing. So this term in fact is a polished way of saying crowd sourcing.

The F-Factor– This term is basically used to explain how Friends, Followers and Fans influence purchase decisions using social media. This term was first coined by an agency Trendwatching.

Follow the link to read more about these words which might become buzzwords in future

Marketing terms that will reach boardroom in 2012


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