Mother’s Recipe campaign ‘Life ko Spicy banao’


A little energy is expected to break the repetitiveness of our daily existence. Food is something that can change your mindset and take satisfaction in a split second. Remembering this point of view Mother’s Recipe, one of India’s driving FMCG brands have sent off another TVC for its Desi Szechwan with No additional MSG under its subcategory Formula.

Through this advertisement of the film, the brand expects to pass how purchasers can bring spice on to their food and also add flavor to their life by utilizing recipes Desi Szechwan.

The recent ad of the second TVC is an augmentation of the campaign ‘Life ko spicy banao’. An existence without fun, experience, and energy will undoubtedly get exhausting. The TVC depicts laughter and a carefree account, wherein the spouse illustrates the ‘how to’ husband ko saas ke saamne nachane ki recipe.

The brand explains an innovative permitting homemakers to evaluate different combination blends. The mission expects to interface with the present youth by making more modest memorable times. The best piece of recipe Desi Szechwan is that it does not contain MSG and is arranged to utilize the best ingredients.

Spouse ko saas ke saamne nachane ki Formula While guardians and youngsters continue school and work their time spent at home has been decreased, the mission catches everyday appealing events when the family interfaces throughout supper time. The TVC portrays an ordinary dinner time situation, where the spouse is showcased cooking basic aloo ki sabzi (potato dish), and the husband is occupied video talking with his mom.

The husband sulks upon his mom asking him what food has been arranged, the wife hears the discussion and chooses to add Recipe’s Desi Szechwan which gives the dish a savoring turn. The TVC presents entertaining yet ordinary situational correspondence, keeping one stuck to the innovative all through and getting a smile all over the end.

Remarking on the most recent TVC campaign Sanjana Desai, Chief, Mother’s Recipe, said “Our most recent mission ‘Life ko spicy banao’ spotlights events where Recipe’s Desi Szechwan can go in any case unremarkable minutes into substantially more noteworthy ones by acquiring a heavenly bend. We love to analyze, propel ourselves, and contact the crowd another way. Through our new TVC, we need to interface with the young and resonate as a brand, which is unique, certifiable yet exciting”.

The furthest down the line TVC will be displayed on all web-based entertainment stages, it would likewise show up in Google show ads and, web-based entertainment, on-the-ground activations, as well as OOH and offline campaigns.

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