Motorway – It’s Accelerated Growth


Poised to grow by 300% in 2021, the used car sales platform Motorway is embarking on a big new campaign to drive brand awareness and achieve future fame.

Used car sales site Motorway is riding the crest of a wave. Sales have tripled over the past 12 months, resulting in the
business securing £48m of risk capital investment in June. With 300% growth now projected for 2021, Motorway has already facilitated the sale of 65,000 second ­hand cars, the equivalent of a replacement sale every 10 minutes.

The pandemic has undoubtedly supercharged the web car selling market, with consumers and car dealers rapidly
switching from traditional offline, in­person sales to digital alternatives. Motorway expects online car sales to rapidly accelerate in 2021, rising to twenty of all cars sold by the top of the year compared to only 5% in 2020. CMO Lloyd Page, who joined the business in February from price comparison site Money Super Market, describes Motorway because the fastest growing thanks to sell your car. He recognizes the impact Covid has had on the used car market, which has benefitted from a shortage of latest cars and therefore the consumer shift faraway from traveling on conveyance . He also believes car sellers are craving an easy , remote, and “hassle and haggle­free experience”.

A motorway is a free service that enables consumers to sell their cars via their smartphones. They start by creating a profile of their vehicle on the location , uploading photos alongside the service history and notes on any damage. A valuation is given supported a mixture of Motorway’s in­house data and industry stats.

Success won’t come overnight, it’ll take time to create the amount of brand name awareness that we would like to urge to.

“In terms of our marketing investment, it’s been mostly focused on sales activation within the short term, as against brand building and taking a more balanced, long term marketing investment view. We do have a successful distributed marketing plan in situ , but now’s the proper time to start out to create the brand awareness and what Motorway uniquely stands for, driving that next stage of accelerated growth.” Launching today (20 August) and running until the top of the year, the campaign follows the journey of a Motorway customer enjoying the end-to-end experience for the primary time.

New creative concept

The campaign marks a change within the creative idea, replacing the prevailing tagline – ‘Sell your car sort of a pro’ with the new brand expression: ‘This is that the Motorway’. The new idea plays into the varied brand benefits, from the ‘Sell from home way’ to the ‘Sell up to £1,000 more way’. The page describes the car industry as a “noisy marketplace” dominated by legacy players and online rivals investing heavily to realize consumers’ attention, meaning it had been crucial to develop a creative strategy that might set Motorway apart.

“You got to create something distinct and memorable around your brand, which we might have liked to play into the name , so as that was an area of the conversation within the business. It also lives within the incontrovertible fact that we’ve built a ten times better thanks to sell your car, so it’s not better in any singular way,” he explains.

Long ­term fame

Reflecting on his previous role as marketing director at Money Super Market, Page believes the dynamics of the fiercely competitive price comparison sector are applicable to many industries, not just the car market.

“I was trying to find that chance to actually build a brand and a business, and deploy that have I’ve gained in other brands as a part of the core leadership team,” Page explains.
“Whenever you join a corporation you never fully know from the surface , but albeit it had been via multiple Zoom meetings I felt there was a really strong alignment between myself and therefore the leaders of Motorway, the ambition that they had , and their specialise in creating a world ­class customer experience.”

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