MPO company profile: Business Focus Group


 Business Focus Group (BFG) Corporation headed by Deepak Goel, co-founder and CEO, has been established with the vision of a business model that encompasses compassion, working ethics and collaboration which ensures value-based services for the customers. The company aims to delight the customers as well as its employees with stable and substantial ROI. Among the various services offered by the company, Market Process Outsourcing forms a major share.

The company reiterates that Market process Outsourcing offers a considerable breakthrough in the marketing or business support activities that are IT-enabled. This helps companies focus on the core areas responsible for revenue generation.

The MPO Company’s functioning draws inspiration from Peter F Drucker’s words which have the essence that irrespective of the path chosen, creating value and wealth should be the ultimate aim. Keeping this in mind, the MPO Company has designed its portfolio for Market Process Outsourcing around the processes which will enhance revenue generation, at the same time, keeping cost of sales at the minimum possible level.

PROFIT methodology of BFG

BFG Corporation’s delivery model has been developed based on ‘Profit Methodology’. This methodology has been developed by BFG after in-depth analysis of different levels of the business cycle. The letters of the word ‘profit’ denote the strategy of the company.

  • P-plan project
  • R-research information
  • O-originate content
  • F-finalize initial draft
  • I-improve quality
  • T-transfer on time

Services offered by BFG under Market Process Outsourcing

BFG’s Market Process Outsourcing has its base upon market and business development support services, collateral production in sales and marketing, corporate training and business consulting etc.

BFG Corporation offers business development (BD) support services by helping clients to replace B2B marketing efforts with web marketing that has low budget but high efficiency.

BFG offers specialists for back-office sales support which was previously taken care of by business development professionals. As such, this enables the business development professionals to focus better on the core areas for increasing customer satisfaction and business revenues.

Business Focus Group also undertakes corporate training and business consulting. This is designed based on root cause analysis model with its various facets being professional aspects, attitude transformation and psychological human behavior. This triggers the participants to work with motivation and self-supervision.

Business Focus Group has entered the Market Process Outsourcing arena after hands-on experience that the company has received in various industries. It is the outcome of the thorough knowledge that the company has about the various B2B and B2C sales processes, growth plans of different industries, collaborative service delivery and marketing efforts. Apart from MPO, Business Focus Group also offers their services in New Business Media, Research and Analytics Recruitment and Industry Interface services.







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