Nestle launched D2C platform called MyNestle


Nestle India has recently launched its D2C (direct-to-consumer) platform called MyNestle. Maintaining the demand and supply requirements is a major challenge for Nestle. This issue hit hard to the company recent covid times. Thus, in the middle of the covid pandemic, Nastle held a meeting to solve this problem. In conclusion, the strategy team suggest improving the logistics support to deliver the product directly to the customer.

Thus, the company launched its new campaign in Delhi -NCR today. After careful observation of the probation period, it will set to expand in different parts of the country, said Nestlé India Chairman and Managing Director Suresh Narayan.

Mr Narayan reported that “This campaign is focused on keeping in mind about consumer urgent need. I am pretty confident that MyNestle will delight the consumer in every possible way, such as curated product bundles or providing personalised gifting or offering subscriptions on discounted rates and much more”.

“The consumers can also try various recipes that are available on-site and they will be eligible to get free nutrition counselling on behalf of the company’s goodwill policy”, he further stated.
Now, if we look at statistics, In the third (July-September) quarter, the sales from e-commerce channels were only 7.2%. Noticeable, the sales mainly came from e-commerce websites like Amazon or Flipkart. It was estimated to hike up by the new formats that are “quick commerce” and “click & mortar”. Consumers are not referring to their website to purchase some items. A lot of room for improvement is much needed in this particular section.

Nowadays this type of D2C logistic support is operated by many FMCG companies. They have also started to acquire or invest in D2C platforms. Various companies are ready with their websites to shift from online markets like Amazon and Flipkart. But to do that, the companies must ensure to provide quick delivery, good customer service, proper rules and regulation for refund policy, many attractable discounts offer on debit/credit cards etc.

By properly implementing this D2C, the companies can save a lot more money that can be invested to develop better infrastructure for that company.

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