Network marketing: A road towards women entrepreneurship


Women nowadays are leaving their impression on almost all the sectors of society, and they are no less than men in making a name for themselves. This article will teach you more about network marketing and why women choose network marketing.
Let us first understand what exactly network marketing is. Network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing or affiliate marketing, is nothing but a business model depending on person to person to sales by independent representatives who primarily work from home. This type of business needs a person to build a network of a business partner or, precisely speaking, salespeople, who assist in lead generation and making sales.
Under this type of marketing, salespeople are encouraged to recruit their networks of salespeople. The creators of new tiers earn commission on their sales and the sales made by people at the level they created. Therefore, the earnings of salespeople depends on product sales and recruitment.
Women should go for network marketing because of the following reasons:

  1. Most women prefer to remain at home and look for opportunities through which they can earn from home while managing the house. So this is a perfect opportunity for such women.
  2. Women are said to be born marketers. Women possess the talent for building a network and market, so this is another factor that makes them perfect for network marketing.
  3. Women are known to be better communicators. There’s no one better than a woman in spreading information which is a must-have skill in network marketing.
  4. Women are good at multitasking. They have a natural ability to perform more than one task efficiently, which is another factor making them a perfect fit for network marketing.

How many women are successful in network marketing?
According to facts, women make up around 75% of Network Marketers worldwide. Currently, women earn 78.3 cents for every dollar a man makes in other professions. In network marketing, there is no discrimination based on gender, faith, race, or anything like that, which gives equal opportunities to women to earn and grow. The amount of hard work you put in will yield you comparable results.

Mr. Kuldeep Singh, Network Marketing Expert.