New EPFO subscriptions see rise in December


Fresh subscriptions to the schemes go past the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) rose for the second consecutive month in Dec, indicating a gradual pace in rationalization of jobs, if not creation of recent jobs. As against 8.73 lakh in Gregorian calendar month and 8.18 lakh in Gregorian calendar month, recent EPFO subscriptions in Dec stood at 9.11 lakhs, as per the superannuation body’s payroll knowledge.

First-time entrance, which cannot essentially mean new jobs, beneath the theme had been the very best in August this business, at getting ready to 10 lakh. Dec 2021 additionally saw the very best monthly web addition of subscribers to the theme to this point within the current business at 14.6 lakh.

In Gregorian calendar month, the EPFO adscititious 12.17 lakh web subscribers. The EPFO’s latest payroll knowledge, however, doesn’t appear to be in correct with the state numbers discharged by the Centre for watching Indian Economy (CMIE). The country’s overall per centum, in line with CMIE, was at a four-month high of 7.91% in Dec.

“In Dec 2021, employment was at 406 million. This was 2.9 million less compared to the use in 2019-20. The shortage wasn’t equally unfold in the slightest degree. The largest fall engaged was in salaried staff. This category saw a loss of 9.5 million jobs. Another one million jobs were lost among entrepreneurs,” CMIE’s MD & corporate executive Mahesh Vyas, wrote in an exceedingly recent article. However, as per the EPFO’s own admission, “The payroll knowledge is tentative since the info generation could be a continuous exercise. The previous knowledge therefore gets updated monthly.”

In a statement, issued Sunday, the labor ministry same, “Age-wise comparison of payroll knowledge shows that the age-group of 22-25 years has registered highest range of web enrolments with 2.97 lakh additions throughout Dec, 2021. Age-group of 18-21 additionally registered a healthy addition of around 2.97 lakh web enrolments. Age-group of 18-25 years have contributed around46.89%of total web subscriber additions in Dec 2021. This means that several first-time job seekers area unit connation the union sector personnel in giant numbers.”

According to the statement, 61.44% of total web payroll addition across all age teams were from 5 states — geographical region, Haryana, Gujarat, Madras and state. Females represent simply 20.52% of the full web subscribers.

“Industry-wise payroll knowledge indicates that ‘expert services’ class (consisting of force agencies, non-public security agencies and little contractors etc) constitutes 40.24% of total subscriber addition throughout the month. additionally, a growing trend in web payroll additions has been noted in industries just like the building & housing industry, textiles, restaurants, iron & steel, etc,” it said.

The EPFO is applicable to each institution during which twenty or additional person’s area unit used. The pay ceiling is Rs15, 000 per month. The EPFO provides provident fund, pension advantages to the members on their retirement, and family pension and insurance advantages to their families just in case of untimely death of the member.

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