NIIT launches new campaign #abplacementpakki

NIIT launches new campaign #abplacementpakki

Finding a job that meets your expectations is not easy. It requires hard work, dedication, integrity, and what you can do to win the competition.

Now that students have access to a wide range of subjects, it is not easy to see the right subjects that can lead to a dream job.

This is where the NIIT online programs for the new year to emerge as a solution to such problems and provide sector-specific, practical training for students. This helps them to advance in the competition by equipping themselves with industry-specific skills.

NIIT’s #abplacementpakki campaign comes to the forefront of this mix and aims to raise awareness of how NIIT’S courses can help in choosing the right career for them. The #abplacementpakki campaign introduces NIIT-funded students to 100 percent digital learning programs designed to give them a boost in their careers.

The social media platform introduces important and popular courses in full Digital marketing, Full Product Engineering, Data Science & Machine Learning, Linux, Python, VPN, virtual machines, digital forensics, cybersecurity, cloud, 5G Project Management, Game Development Certificate.

5G Verification System with Nokia Bell Labs and NIIT and IT Infrastructure Security among others. In addition, the campaign also introduced students to the NIIT Community, a single store for all questions and guidelines related to career development. To ensure students ’concern, the campaign also introduces flexible payment options.

Not only this, but the campaign also identifies job opportunities and the type of job profiles that may be available following these courses. Such a step not only helps students to narrow down the options in the various opportunities available but also gives them the option to learn more about the various industries.

In addition, the campaign demonstrates NIIT’s technical / teaching leadership interaction so that questions can be resolved. This leads to more awareness and clarification for students.

Commenting about the marketing campaign, Archit Shankar, Head – advertising, profession, schooling, enterprise, NIIT confined, said: “At NIIT, we are dedicated to create a surrounding that promotes growth and getting to know for all. Our priority has been to deliver outcomes-based learning interventions that are in line with ever-changing industry needs.

Our #abplacementpakki campaign is another positive step in this regard, intending to continue to build skills and put more skills into the industry so that more skilled and ready workers can be developed for the future.”

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