Nispand App: Every Student’s Friend, Guide and Mentor Navigate and Manage stress and anxiety with Nispand

Nispand App
Nispand App: Every Student’s Friend, Guide and Mentor Navigate and Manage stress and anxiety with Nispand

New Delhi, September 5, 2023: Today’s competitive world has caught up with the youth of the country. While some level of stress is unavoidable and even recommended ; modern education is reeling under unprecedented levels of stress and competitiveness. This is often detrimental to the psychological, physical and emotional well-being of our students. In worst case-scenarios such high pressure academic environments end up being fatal for students, as seen in the recent case of two student suicides in Kota.

Mediation and deep breathing exercises are invaluable resources which can help us avert such unwarranted tragedies and help our students find a sense of anchor and calm even during their most stressful moments.

The word ‘Nispand’ means balance; Ni means stop and spand means vibrations. The human mind’s tendency to continuously generate thoughts stops us from being in a state of balance and harmony. Nispand alludes to a state of stillness from the constant vexations of our mind. It grows our inner strength and firms our resolve to face the challenges of life, peacefully and purposefully.

Competition should never be a reason to put young lives at risk. Dr. Hansaji Yogendra, Director of The Yoga Institute, observes, “With students being perturbed and anxious over marks, tests and exams, they need a hand to guide them through what appears to be a daunting and hopeless scenario. Nispand provides exactly that. We assure you that the guided meditations in the app will help your kids remain calm even in the face of academic pressure and the challenges of competitive examinations .

Parikshit Joshi, Vice President, Adfactors PR praised the app and said, “Nispand has been a game-changer in my high-pressure job. It helps me stay calm and focused, especially when dealing with demanding clients and media stress. Thanks to its guided meditations, I’ve learned how to manage stress better and make clearer decisions. It’s not just an app; it’s my secret to staying cool under pressure. Indeed, apps like Nispand are a true blessing in the hustle and bustle of Mumbai’s high-stress lifestyle.”

With 1000+ meditations and personalized solutions, Nispand is a premium meditation app created by The Yoga Institute. Learn to live with meaning and purpose with Nispand’s curated meditation sessions at your own pace and in your own space. Experience happiness, sleep better and enjoy a stress-free life with Nispand now.


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