NUMI Paris, a Luxury eyewear brand has launched in India


NUMI Paris is a luxury eyewear brand founded in 2019. Its headquarter is in Paris – the city which is famous for its couture. The director of this brand is Jean – Phillipe Chilet. It has only two stores, one is in Paris and the other is in Hyderabad, India. The speciality of this company, the strength of this company is that it only makes luxury sunglasses and premium eyewear.

India has opened its market to international brands since a long time ago. It is not the first french company whose headquarter is in India, premium french brands like Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal Paris, AXA, Garnier, Lancôme, Cartier and many more.   

NUMI Paris eyewear crafted the trending design in Paris. With a vision of growing beyond barriers of established, conventional ideas of luxury and enable people with the freedom to exercise someone idiosyncratic style.

Every pair may craft with the relevantly chosen material source from across the specialized market put together with minute detailing and relentless effort.

Their designers go through hardships to make every pair which includes innovation and material selection. With the choice of consumers, the products are redefining the conventional style and various mindsets.

The director of this venture ‘Jean – Phillipe Chilet’ has aspiring plans to transform the Indian market with a strong focus on the eyewear segment. He says that India as a fashion hub has come of age that many fashions and luxury brands that have made India home for decades are testimony to that fact. The Indian consumer today is well-read, well-travelled, fashionable and experimental by nature which makes it a win-win situation for brands to launch in India. In the eyewear segment especially, not much has been explored and that gives us the potential ground to tap with NUMI Paris. We are happy to launch in India. We know our collection will create a trend and become a name to reckon with over the years.

            When you have nothing left to prove, let your NUMI do the talking and allow them to complete the last piece in you.

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