Ohri’s Group redefining the hospitality sector in India 


Hyderabad: September 28th, 2022: Ohri’s Group over the last few years has emerged as one of the fastest-growing restaurant chains in India. They became the first in the industry to start an exclusive multi-specialty cuisine court hotel having four different restaurants based on different themes namely Silver Metro, Gufaa, Eatmor, and Ming’s Court. Eatmore is a casual dining place and Jiva is a Buffet outlet. Nautanki Gali was developed with a street food theme, Rubaiyat serves North-West frontier dishes and Sahib’s Barbeque brings regal delicacies of the Hyderabadi Nawab era. With a passion for food and traditional recipes, they take pride in bringing to the taste palate the most delectable spread ever. Observing the mélange of different cuisines to create a new religion of food, their latest venture FOODISM, aims to bring a change in food culture. Ohri’s has also established Cake Nation to serve delectable cakes and cookies.

As they head towards their Golden Jubilee in 2026. Ohri’s Group has drawn up an aggressive growth plan to enter newer markets, Ohri’s right now focuses on taking three or four iconic brands that are our signatures, and scaling them further. Ohri’s 

The foundation of the Ohri’s group was 1976 laid by Mr. Ravi Ohri. Starting with a premium Hotel brand called Baseraa it has today grown into a large enterprise with multiple restaurants and hotels across the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. The 44-year-old journey has had many successes and credits. And today Ohri’s is a highly recognisable brand across the city.

The values that were set decades back continue to drive the Group. Serve Good food. Serve it well. Ensure the guest has a great experience. Every employee imbibes and practices this philosophy every single day. The Ohri’s Group is today managed by a team of experienced professionals and led by the dynamic person of Mr. Amar Ohri.

Ohri’s restaurants are known for their experiential dining as most restaurants are thematically designed. As an example, Serengeti restaurant has a Jungle theme; Gufaa has a Cave theme; Outswinger has a cricket theme, etc.

The 25 outlets spread across the city are the first points of contact for discerning audiences who are keen to have a great hospitality experience. Today, Ohri’s is synonymous with hospitality, large spreads, tasteful cuisines, and innovative restaurant ambiance which have consequently led to them winning many awards and gaining pan-India recognition.

The group has already identified a few brands such as Qaffeine-coffee shop, Sahib’s Barbeque-signature Indian barbecue, Cake Nation, and Ming’s Court. Ohri’s Group plans to expand its four hero brands across India by next year starting with Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, and Goa.

Mr. Amar Ohri, Managing Director, Ohri’s Group said, “With over four decades of culinary experience we definitely understand the hospitality sector. Ohri’s Group offers guests the experience of a lifetime with thematic restaurants. At the moment we are focusing on taking three or four signature brands and scaling them further. Our vision is to make these brands visible across the country and to expand them into Landon and Dubai as well”.


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