Okinawa Autotech’s new ad compares Electric Vehicles with ICE counterparts


~Its game-changer campaign – ‘Ye E Sahi Hai’ captures the pulse of Indian consumers about electric  two-wheelers and will change the way they think about it~

New Delhi, 9th August 2021: Okinawa Autotech, India’s most disruptive and top-selling electric two-wheeler manufacturer, has launched a new ad campaign positioning Electric two-wheelers as the perfect choice for the dynamic needs of all age groups in the family. The tagline – “Ye E Sahi Hai” depicts how it is the better choice for commuting, to cover short & long distances, and to match the style quotient of today’s tech-savvy users, especially millennials. The TVC has been launched in four different regional languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam & Kannada while highlighting the benefits of EV over the usage of ICE.

Through the five-part series of video ads released on both electronic and online platforms, Okinawa has reinstated that its two-wheelers not only meet people’s expectations of speed, strength, power, and life span as that of an ICE vehicle but performs better while ensuring sustainability by having a positive impact on the environment. Okinawa’s scooters offer a running cost of just 14 paise per km which is  significantly far less as compared to its counterpart ICE Vehicles which has an operating/running cost of approx. 1.60 rupees per km. The company’s goal is to provide electric two-wheelers which are innovative, smart, stylish, comfortable, powerful yet eco-friendly. Okinawa’s brilliant technology is proving to be a game-changer in the Indian market with the pace of adoption that the brand is witnessing. 

Commenting on the ad series Chaiwala Pictures state “Adding nobility to the brand while still conveying the message. The campaign concept was developed by the company under the name ‘Yeh E Sahi Hai.’  When electric scooters were lightweight, produced much less power, and resembled a toy when compared to regular ICE scooters, we thought this comparison was valid. However, a single visit to the Okinawa showroom, on the other hand, gave my team a taste of reality. The very thought became our ideation strategy: open a dialogue by simply saying, “There’s virtually no difference between this scooter and an ICE, be it power, build, or looks, except for the incomparable USPs of an Okinawa EV, namely mileage and zero pollution.”

In the series of videos, Okinawa has highlighted the dynamic features of its scooters which make them stand out and encourages buyers to reevaluate these against a conventional ICE vehicle before they make their buying decision. In one of the ads released on both electronic and online platforms, it can be seen how the vehicle can be charged from a simple charging point anytime, anywhere, even at a ‘chaiwala’.  Moreover, Okinawa’s IoT-enabled App is shown to guide customers with smart diagnosis in the vehicle and also keep a track of the distance and places they cover with the vehicle.

Chairperson at Okinawa Scooters, Ms. Rupali Sharma said, “We are constantly giving our part in making a sustainable, better future and we are not stopping before getting there.” Okinawa provided a promising comparison of why to switch to an EV from ICE. “Our engineers and technicians are working on developing design and technology for your convenience and satisfaction” quoted Ms. Rupali Sharma.

She further adds “In terms of mileage, and operating costs, an electric scooter outperforms an ICE engine. The future is electric, and with the campaign – ‘Ye E Sahi Hai’, we intend to dispel the many common myths about riding an EV.”

Okinawa believes in fostering an enabling ecosystem for smart mobility without leaving mother nature behind. The company aims to nurture a lifestyle which isn’t just rich from the outside but also entails deep-rooted values from inside. 

Spearheading the mass adoption of electric vehicles across the country, Okinawa offers an array of products including three high-speed and three low-speed electric scooters. In the high speed range, the company has Okinawa iPraise+, Okinawa Praise Pro and  Okinawa Ridge+. On the other hand, in the low speed range, Okinawa Autotech offers three products namely Okinawa R30, Okinawa Lite, and Okinawa Dual. This year, Okinawa is all set to expand its portfolio with the launch of two new products and thereby offer users the largest range of products in the segment.