Old Spice’s new #SmellReadyForAnything campaign


The new commercial showcases that there’s a champion waiting to be unleashed in every guy, told in a lighthearted way amidst the ongoing cricket excitement

18th November 2021, Mumbai: Epitomizing what a real champion feels like, Old Spice, the international deodorant brand from P&G continues to delight audiences with yet another hilarious commercial for its range of Old Spice Zero Gas Deodorants. Never shying away from its bold and witty approach, the quintessential male brand unleashes the inner champion in every guy to smell the greatness within them in the midst of the crazy cricket fever gripping the country.

With more than 80 years empowering guys to feel confident in their own skin, Old Spice’s new campaign will tickle every dense funny bone, encouraging guys to manifest that confidence and “Smell Ready for Anything” with just a flick of a spray from the brand’s deodorant product line-up.

Curated by Media Monks, the Old Spice film entertains viewers through its trademark over-the-top humor with a group of friends agonizing over a cricket match when one of them sprays his Old Spice deodorant. The young protagonist starts a magical transformation with his old self literally breaking off and pieces falling from his body in a dramatic fashion, leaving his friends in complete awe. He emerges an uber-cool and sassy cricketer who then walks out like a boss into a humongous cricket stadium to transition into his journey towards greater things, highlighting the brand’s “Smell Ready For Anything” message: Old Spice, acts as a catalyst to help you get off the back foot and make you feel like the ‘Man of the Match’.

The campaign features the Old Spice International range of Deodorants powered by sophisticated and long-lasting scents, designed by industry leading perfume technologists.  Old Spice deodorants are available in 6 versions: LionPride, Nomad, Krakengard, Wolfthorn, Amber, Timber with 2 pocket deo variants also available.

“Building off our rich heritage on Old Spice, our new campaign is a reminder for every Indian guy to smell new possibilities, realize his true potential within and manifest his own greatness” saidRohini Venkateswaran (Vice President, Skin & Personal Care India, Procter & Gamble).  “Old Spice encourages every man to be the most awesome version of himself, while providing great smelling products to make him feel his best”

The 360-degree campaign has been launched on connected TV and digital platforms and will further be amplified through various other media.