Onsurity launches brand campaign “#GiftofSurity” focuses on affordable healthcare for SME work-family


Bengaluru January 06, 2022: Onsurity, India’s first tech led monthly subscription-based employee health benefits platform, has launched its first digital campaign that focuses on the ‘#GiftOfSurity’ for SME work families. The campaign demonstrates that expansion of health benefits is a vital step for SME and start-ups to pave the way in India’s effort to achieve Universal Health Coverage.  

The campaign focuses on democratizing healthcare of SMEs to care and protect the health and life of their employees & contractual workforce. Delivering on the promise of “Healthcare, ab sabke liye”, Onsurity aims is to change the way companies experience health benefits by making it affordable, easy to understand and accessible at one click.  

Commenting on the campaign, Samar Kagalwalla, Head Growth & Marketing, Onsurity said, “We believe our colleagues are like family…a ‘work family’, the GiftOfSurity campaign has captured various perspectives and stories that further strengthen the sense of building trust around healthcare benefits to employees. With our vision of “Healthcare for All” we aim to enable and empower 330 mn SME workforce which contributes almost 29% of India’s GDP.” 

He further added, “With low financial health protection for a large middle segment of the working population, the campaign encourages SMEs to pause and realise the importance of employee healthcare. Brand Onsurity, has always enjoyed the trust of its customers, and now with the “GiftofSurity” campaign we want to motivate more SMEs to look at affordable healthcare programs for their work family as well.”    

Onsurity brand campaign highlights:  

  • Affordable monthly healthcare program starting at Rs. 49 per employee 
  • Tool for businesses to attract & retain talent 
  • Instant Purchase, enroll and onboarding
  • Employee mobile app for all healthcare needs 
    • Dedicated “GoodDoctors” Team to facilitate hospitalization and claims support 

Launched in 2020, Onsurity has created a flexible infrastructure to simplify employer-led healthcare and started a movement that prioritizes the human experience within health benefits to bridge the gap for India’s largest workforce. It has built a smarter technology that’s easy to use, gives people an advocate in their health journey, and helps employers unblock working capital by managing cost. 

You can view the campaign here: 

  • Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/onsurity_/
  • Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8WGyGDzwro
  • Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/onsurity/videos/612684213128614/
  • LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/posts/onsurity_giftofsurity-activity-6884734779040772096-zrQ2/