Opportunities in Business data


The ability to identify the next big is a great skill. That is what makes Steve Jobs stand out from the crowd.

When the sleeker MP3 proposal made by Tony Fadell, the then employee of RealNetworks, was rejected, it was Jobs who accept the proposal and gradually nearly 125,000 devices were sold in 2001, making it a landmark transformation of Apple’s business and music industry. Jobs was the driving force behind Apple’s innovation and success. Though not every decision can create such a historical moment, yet each decision will either make a positive or a negative impact on the business outcomes. Therefore, the recent massive explosion of AI and ML has created a way for some of the massive investments in business intelligence software and data analytics. Today the trend is the adoption of AI and ML. Now most businesses instead of searching for their personal Steve Jobs, are looking forward to buying software to obtain the most accurate and secure decisions.

Using data for decision making

Businesses using data pipelines with best-decision making ability are experiencing a great improvement in their business. We can achieve finite value from data if we are putting the right data into the data pipeline.

Identifying valuable data

Apart from some companies in Japan and Germany, almost all other companies struggle to introduce more valuable data into their data pipeline. They face technical issues while searching for resources and also while creating valuable data.

Data catalogs

Data Catalog is one way of introducing more valuable data into the data pipeline. Data catalog uses metadata to manage the data, and help the data analyst find the data needed. Also, the incorporation of AI has helped a lot in improving quality, lineage, and analysis. While investing in a data catalog one important thing to consider is the accessibility for non-technical users.

Input right information

For everything and anything to start with, we need the right information to feed in as input, only then we can find the trend, identify new opportunities, and make the right decisions. When finding the insight in the data, what we get is what we had already inputted. The organization needs to identify the advantages of investing in data from the start and also promote data discovery with data catalogs.