Ormax Media brings Ormax Celeble


Ormax Media, a media consulting company announced to launch a celebrity endorsement selection tool Ormax Celeble. This selection tool helps brand owners to decide on a brand endorser whose personality moreover as profiles matches the required brand personality the simplest.

For the last five years, Ormax conducted extensive research to gather profiling data on Indian celebrities across domains, begin from film stars, sports stars, social and digital media influencers, music singers, GEC Characters, TV stars, and animation characters. Using the data on personality traits of over 500 celebrities, Ormax Celeble uses analytics to assist the brands to spot the celebrities that suited their desired brand profile best, enabling them to form a good brand ambassador option.

Sailesh Kapoor – founding father of Ormax Media speaking about Ormax Celeble, said, “There are over enough research has been conducted internationally to prove that a decent brand endorser will help a brand to grow rapidly thanks to the collaboration between the brand and also the celebrity. But the bad choice of name endorser will not just be a waste of cash but also dangerous for brand development too. In India brand, endorser decisions are mainly driven by the center and not even by the personal taste of name owners.

“Ormax Celeble is a centric tool that helps to bring the endorsement options that their guts often miss. We have large information of quite 500 national and regional celebrities across domains for a brand to tap into”, Kapoor said.

Ormax Celeble is that the second Ormax Media tool for brand marketers. Ormax Mpct, which was launched in back 2013, helps the brand managers and media agencies too to judge the effectiveness and ROI of a campaign, sponsorship, and innovative marketing.

Ormax Media has sone specialization in analytics through their customer research, forecasting, data analytics, and many more. Orma Media has collaborated with more than 80 brands, claimed by the organization in one of the statements. Over the last 13 years, Ormax Media has done various testing, forecasting tools, tracking, television, streaming, print including many more in the Indian industry. Ormax Media is constantly moving ahead to innovate new tools and knowledge which helps in Indian industry consumers insights.

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