Over 1 million Indian social media creators revenue to cross 500US$/month in the next 3 years – Animeta Report

Over 1 million Indian social media creators revenue to cross 500US$/month
Over 1 million Indian social media creators revenue to cross 500US$/month in the next 3 years - Animeta Report

Mumbai, 21 April 2023: From passive addiction to being a hobby to a passion to a full-fledged profession, digital content creation has come a long way world over, and like other fronts, India is leading this trend too. This is the tip of the iceberg, an exponential growth is on its way, say the research findings from Animeta.

Animeta, the recently launched creator economy startup published its first creator economy insights report on the occasion of International Creator’s Day 2023. Animeta is a Singapore based Creator Tech company focused on creating & nurturing digital creators by helping them grow their communities & maximize their earnings across multiple social media platforms & customized brand solutions through the proprietary Animeta™ AI-based Creator Tech platform. Excerpts of the report which is part of Animeta’s internal research are shared with the public at large to commemorate International Creator’s Day.

The creator economy has been a topic of interest for the entire world and there are many statistics which are often discussed about. While every creator is a creator out of passion, a large chunk creates content as a hobby. Animeta’s research report is focusing on that portion of the creators who approach this space as a passion as well as profession. Some of the key highlights of the research report include the following:

  • While the global growth rate of individual creators is 18%, the annualized growth rate for India is over 115%
  • In 3 years, 1 million creators in India would have at least 100K subscribers/followers, growing at 37% at an annualized level, which will allow them to a steady digital income at par with a well-paying full-time job
  • This represents a new aspect of empowerment for the young Indians entering and expanding India’s burgeoning middle-class 

“All signs are pointing towards the trend that the Indian creator economy will become the most significant growth contributor to the global creator economy in the next couple of years. We are very bullish about this space & Animeta’s tech-product will revolutionize the lives of millions of creators & become the real game changer in the industry, particularly in the sponsored/branded content space”, said Devdatta Potnis, CEO – Animeta.

“Sponsored content space is getting more organized and performance marketing metrics usage are on the rise in a cost-conscious market, where the rules of business & marketing are getting rewritten overnight. These encouraging, cost-efficiency driving trends are therefore making the creator economy more attractive”, added Krishna Desai, CPO & Data Scientist – Animeta.

Some highlights of the branded content space in India:

  • Today, 3500+ brands & 5000+ creator partners in India are actively engaged in digital creator driven branded content. The 20000+ branded content pieces have generated over half a billion engagements.
  • Retail, Technology, Apparel & Accessories, Personal Care & Health, Food, Finance & Insurance, Electronics, Gaming, Automobile & Media are the sectors which rely heavily and frequently on digital creator driven branded content.