Parle Agro Revamps Appy Fizz: Reveals Bigger, Bolder Brand Design

Parle Agro
Parle Agro Revamps Appy Fizz: Reveals Bigger, Bolder Brand Design

National, March 31, 2023: Appy Fizz, a youth favourite and India’s fizziest fruit-flavoured drink from Parle Agro has been topping charts since its inception almost 20 years ago. Keeping its iconic taste and flavour unchanged, Appy Fizz’s has entered a new era with a fresh, re-imagined, bolder avatar taking its brand identity to newer heights. 

Appy Fizz’s edgy, confident and vibrant personality, which has made it famous among the youth since its launch, served as inspiration for the redesign. The iconic red, white and black brand colours have been juxtaposed in eye-catching, clean, contemporary lettering for the brand’s logo. Appy Fizz’s fresh packaging makes a striking statement poised to be clutter breaking.

Famous for its light, refreshing and tangy flavour, the sparkling fruit-flavoured drink has emerged as a landmark beverage pioneering a new category in the beverage industry. Its innovation in style and taste spurred many imitations across two decades, amidst which Appy Fizz continued to dominate the category with a 99% market share. Touted as a healthier alternative to colas, Appy Fizz continues to wow audiences with its edgy and exuberant campaigns. 

Nadia Chauhan, the Joint Managing Director & CMO of Parle Agro, has emphasized the unique position of Appy Fizz as a statement-making beverage that has consistently maintained a distinct and outstanding identity. Despite inspiring numerous similar drinks in the market, Appy Fizz’s unmatched innovation and quality have set it apart.

Through the brand redesign, Parle Agro aims to celebrate Appy Fizz’s exceptional quality and bring a disruptive new look to the sparkling fruit-flavored drink category, ushering in a new era of growth and disruption. The brand is looking to further elevate the Appy Fizz experience and maintain its position as a leading innovator in the market.

The new packaging has been designed and conceptualized by Pentagram. Speaking on the new design Harry Pearce, Partner, Pentagram Design Ltd. said, “The essential idea for the Appy Fizz design was to modernize and to create a more visually arresting identity and bottle shape moving the brand away from the huge number of copycats. We re-addressed the emphasis giving the word ‘Appy’ equal prominence to ‘Fizz’ and employed a distinctive font with custom elements. The design retains the brand equity invested in black, white and red with a nod to the apple in the red dot.” 

Kriti Sanon and Jr. NTR, the charismatic actors who are Appy Fizz’s brand ambassadors, are seen in the new campaigns with fresh packaging of the brand –