Passionate in Marketing in conversation with Mr. Joy Chatterjee, General Manager, Sales & Marketing, Mankind Pharma


Passionate in Marketing caught up with Mr. Joy Chatterjee to discuss about  their brands and marketing strategies.

About Mr. Joy Chatterjee: He is the General Manager, Sales & Marketing from Mankind Pharma. He is skilled in Marketing & Sales and has more than 20 years of Industry experience.

  1. One of your brand Manforce Condoms is well known for its creative campaigns as well. Throw some light on the same.

It takes lots of time, courage and dedication to be the largest selling condom brand in a country like India where public talk of sex is still largely a taboo. We have faced many challenges in the beginning and we found it really difficult to sell a condom in India. Today, we are proud that the hard work put in by our team has made us the largest selling condom brand in India.

As a leading condom brand and as a responsible brand in the category, we believe in spreading the message of safe sex, safety can be from numerous things within this space. The foremost important is to normalise the conversations around safe sex and condoms. In the last couple of years, we have shifted our communication strategy to position ourselves as a socially- responsible brand. We took the internet by storm in 2017 by our campaign #ShutThePhoneUp, which aimed at driving awareness about the risks associated with recording one’s private moments on the phone.

Since then, there is no looking back, we have been coming up with engaging content that has a hint of a social message and humor attached to it.

2. What is your strategy behind collaborating with influencers for your brands like Manforce, Gas-O-Fast , Prega News and AcneStar? Does this collaboration help  in reaching your goals?

Influencer collaboration is helping the brands to reach their goals. Although it is not possible to attribute an influencer content with direct sales, we believe it increases the brand awareness amongst the right TG further. As the buying power has been shifted to millennials and Gen Z, who are heavily influenced by social media platforms.

3. Gas-O-Fast has done multilingual campaigns. What is the marketing strategy behind the same

We have come up with multilingual TVC in eight regional languages – Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada. Our strategy was to showcase the love for food and the eating habits of people from every part of India and our TVC highlights the typical Indian habit of loosening belts before an individual begins to eat. Our marketing strategy of the brand is to drive penetration in the urban as well as in the rural markets and that will help us reach out to every segment of our multilingual audiences.

4. What impact did the recent campaign of Prega News with 21 content creators to spread awareness on home testing had and on your target audience?

Prega News is a leading brand and has an 82% market share in the Indian market. This means that it’s our responsibility to be aware of the customers whenever there is a need. The Prega News home testing influencer campaign echoes that one doesn’t need to go out for tests, the campaign puts a spotlight that mothers must switch to Prega News Pregnancy Detection Kit from the convenience of their home that gives rapid and accurate results in just 5 minutes. Hence, it helps in taking the first step towards parenthood which can be followed by required visits to Gynecologists for further care.

5. For AcneStar face wash, what was the reason behind targeting the millennials with their new Gen Z strategy utilizing content through Instagram Reels

The recent years have seen an exponential surge in consumption of short form videos. Realizing the potential and impact these videos can create, Instagram seized the opportunity and came up with its new Reels feature to keep its audience engaged and entertained. It is not just Instagram and Facebook who are riding the favorable wave of short videos but other apps are also taking leverage of the trend. Gauging the popularity of reels trend, AcneStar face wash conceptualized Influencer Marketing to create visibility and establish recall value amongst its target audiences who predominantly are teenagers. This strategy helps in reaching out to a wider audience base and at the same time helps in effectively creating awareness amongst teenagers who are going through that phase of life when their skin is prone to acne breakout.

6. Do you think the marketing strategies of promoting your brands through social media platforms is taking us to the right direction?

We believe it increases the brand awareness, brand recall and brand love amongst the right TG further. On our social media platforms, as we tend to showcase situations which are common in everybody’s life and do a seamless product/brand integration, it is bound to create an impact in the viewer’s mind as they are seeing their following profile do the same. The overall activation surely does create a positive impact.

7. The recent campaign around Unwanted 21 Days ‘ Unwanted Gyaan Se Savdhaan’, what was the objective of the campaign.

The objective behind Unwanted Gyaan Se Savdhaan was to encourage conversations around contraception, family planning and break the taboo that revolves around such topics Through this campaign, we aim to normalize the conversation around contraception, family planning and raise awareness in a fun, relatable and engaging manner. While age is a factor that a couple needs to consider, that should not be the only reason for them to have a child before they are ready.

8. Last year, you have launched Health OK brand with Anil Kapoor and Ranvir Singh as the brand ambassador, what are you plans for this year for this brand specifically

We have plans to expand our multivitamin portfolio under the Health OK umbrella. We are planning to launch Gummies for children in the market. It is expected to hit the markets soon.

About Mankind Pharma: 

Mankind Pharma is one of the leading Indian Pharma companies and strives to provide world-class medications at affordable prices. Manforce Condoms is also one of the products of Mankind Pharma. It is the largest selling condom brand in the country. So we are very well acquainted with the power of LOVE, along with its effects and side effects. Constant endeavor to elevate pleasure with protection in lovemaking is what Manforce have always been working and thriving on. With years of experience in manufacturing condoms, it’s completely safe to say that every single Manforce condom is the outcome of a process that’s tried and tested.