Passionate in Marketing in conversation with Mr. Mangesh Shinde, Founder and CEO of WillStar Media and Pocket Skill


Passionate in Marketing caught up with Mr. Mangesh Shinde to discuss about Influencer Marketing.


As many people know Mangesh Shinde aka The WillPower Star from his youtube channel which has 2.33 million subscribers, the 26 old years entrepreneur from Pune, founder and CEO of WillStar Media and Pocket Skill explained how influencer marketing helps businesses to take them to the next level.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

In simple words, influencer marketing is one effective marketing strategy where we help the brands to integrate their product and services with influencers and content creators through videos or photos in a creative way that creates extraordinary results for brands.

Is Influencer Marketing Suitable for any Business?

I think, nowadays content creators are available in every category. That’s why, no matter how big you are and what industry you are in, there is always room for everyone, as long as you identify the right influencers who are most suitable to your needs.

The important thing is when you select an Influencer for your brand, you should study his audience, insights, demographics and content type if all these things match with your product’s customer, then the influencer will help you for your business or brands.

How to measure ROI

If you want to measure the ROI of Influencer marketing, then it completely depends on the objective and goals of your campaign like if your campaign goal is brand awareness, then you can simply observe how many people views, likes and comment on that particular video or photo. But if your goal is conversion or sales, then you can track all data through links by using third-party softwares or google analytics.

I think measuring ROI in influencer marketing is no big deal. You can easily measure all possible data in detail in your influencer marketing and it’s plus point of Influencer marketing.

How influencer marketing is cost-effective?

When you collaborate with any influencer then he/she in a way becomes the brand ambassador of your company and the Influencer also gave better results because of his niche audience. And it’s also cost-effective, because when you want to endorse your brand with a big celebrity, then you need a budget of crores of rupees. But in that similar budget, you can promote your brand through hundreds of influencers and it will create a bigger impact and ROI for your brands. That’s why influencer marketing is cost-effective for all types of brands.

How to build win-win long-term partnerships

Most brands promote their product or service just once through a particular influencer and I think this is a big mistake or loss of the brand in terms of money and outcomes as well because it’s not that visible to the audience as much when you promote more than once.
As an influencer marketing company, we mostly suggest that you should create a long partnership with a particular influencer and this strategy is a win-win for both brand and influencers. Because when you collaborate with a particular influencer, he also charges less amount per video for long term and it also create good ROI in terms of revenue as well as brand credibility.

Unlimited Sharing Potential On Social Platforms

This is the hidden benefit of influencer marketing. When you integrate you’re with influencer and if the audience like your product then the audience will share that video or photos with their network. It’s good marketing without spending any amount.


The big brands always have a big budget for marketing, but I Think small brands and startups should try influencer marketing for brand awareness and good revenue.

Most brands don’t try influencer marketing, because they have that much understanding of this field or strategy or they are not getting an influencer in their budget and that’s why we’re here to help you.